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Daytime Makeup in 6 Easy Steps!

From the Beauty Snob: Anne is our young Beauty Snob in training, representing the 20-something Beauty Snob readers 🙂 Our family is growing as you may have noticed, and we’ll get a full bio of everyone together for you soon!

To share a little about myself… I am a 21-year-old college student, and my BIGGEST morning beauty issue is what makeup I can throw on in the 3 minutes I have before I need to leave for class, but still look slightly polished. I have learned from my experience, and I have *6* quick, daytime beauty items you should be able to find time for before jetting out the door to face the day! (Jump to see my photo and steps!)


Me, after my 6 steps! (note the time-saving ponytail!) *Photo By Richard E. Bukata

1) Light Foundation OR Brush Applied Powder– This is one of the hardest things to master because it is so easy to look cakey during the daytime. Think about what you will look like in direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting!! If you apply your powder with a brush, instead of a sponge, you will end up applying less. Less is more, and something is better than nothing!

Beauty Snob Pick: Cashmere Perfect by L’Oreal

2) Bronzer–One light sweep under my cheekbones (well blended), and I feel like a model 😉 ‘Nuff said!

Beauty Snob Pick: Benefit Bronzer!! They have several; I like ’10.’

3) Eyeshadow–For girls on the go, pick one neutral color, that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. It’s super easy, and it brightens your whole eye area! Plus, during the day, the last thing you need is dramatic eyeshadow–it will make you look too overdone.

Beauty Snob Pick: Mac; try the shade sticks and creme color base.

4) Eyeliner–Black is too dark for daytime. I use a deep plum shade and blend it well!

Beauty Snob Pick: Nars in Mambo.

5) Mascara–Even if I have time for nothing else, this is my one ‘can’t leave home without it’ makeup item. I feel naked without full, jet-black lashes! If you are a strawberry blond or have very fair skin, you may want to seek out a dark brown hue instead.

Beauty Snob Pick: Your call. You know we love Dior Show here, but I’m wearing Telescopic Lashes by L’Oreal.

6) Lip Gloss–Or in my case, glossy chapstick. Anyway you go about it, this step will add some polish to your look, with very little effort. I usually do this before I get out of my car, so I can drink my morning tea while I drive without getting my gloss all over the rim of my mug and needing to reapply.

Beauty Snob Pick: Burt’s Bees!

If you have time for nothing else, I would recommend MAKING time for mascara! Nothing makes you look younger and more attractive than great lashes. *WARNING: The makeup blunder to avoid at all costs is heavy, cakey makeup!* And remember, if all else fails, sunglasses and a smile will do the trick!


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  1. I think for foundation, the best way to apply it is by your fingers.. Brush on, and then finger blend it. The heat from your body somehow melts the make up and makes it sink into the skin really beautifully.

    I think eyeliner is much more important than eyeshadow, but if one cannot live without eyeshadow, highlighter on the lids and on the inner corner looks beautiful.

  2. I like powder foundation or tinted moisturizer with MSF Natural for a quick mornings. To make it even quicker, I use a blusher stick on cheeks and lips [I’ve yet to find the perfect tinted balm].

    The one thing I just can’t do, though, is leave the house without filling in my brows. I just can’t do it! I love how my brows frame my face and make me look more awake, so I just have to. Applying the mascara is a close second!

  3. I actually have a question. I’m 23, but I’m a single mother of one and a full-time grad student. I also waitress part time. I get very, very little sleep. Do you have any advice on an affordable eye cream to help hide the dark circles and bags and make up for all the eye rubbing I do? You’re a student too, so I’m willing to be you can imagine why I can’t afford Natura Bisse diamond extreme. 0__0



  4. Actually the quickest foundation that doesn’t come out cakey is a tinted moisturizer (la mer makes one, so does stilla) Apply like you would any moisturizer, with your fingers.

    Follow the moisturizer up with a matte powder foundation (cargo makes one, so does chanel). The sponge doesn’t pick up *too much* from a matte foundation because the powder is so finely compacted. These types of foundations are intended to replace a traditional liquid foundation as a sort of 2-in-1 since you don’t need to cover with a powder, but I find they still need a good moisturizer as a base.

    Anyway, it applies quicker because less blending is needed.

  5. I’m also 22 in college and since I got to a fashion based school everyday is a fashion show so I have to look good. I have found that the quickest makeup to apply is bare minerals.