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Dior Babe Bag


Christian Dior was known for lady like couture in its heyday, he cinched in waists and put women in voluminous skirts and dainty hand held bags. It’s been a long road since then and though I adore Galliano’s interpretation of Dior gowns and RTW, I am not always a fan of the bags. I was on the fence about the latest ‘hot’ Dior bag, the Babe, until I saw it in person last week (it’s been in every celeb rag mag, which tells me Dior did a lot of gifting this season, especially in yellow). My friend Melinda, a very stylish and gorgeous woman, carried a purple one with a simple Rachel Roy black pencil skirt and white pintucked blouse. She was the vision of understated elegance, but the purple Babe bag gave her a shot of youthful style and color. The bag is soft and slouchy; it hangs well when full, and is not as rounded as it appears in the photo above. The polished bracelet handles had looked uncomfortable to me, but were surprisingly easy to slip my arm through or to carry by hand. And, of course the little detachable makeup bag/clutch is an extra bonus that is always appreciated. Overall, I really liked this bag (which is more than I can say for the rest of the Dior bags this season). It is the modern interpretation of Dior’s hand bag; ultra lightweight and a fun, fresh style. A great tote to grab and go! Dior Babe bag $2,290 at eLuxury



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  1. Well I do not own a single Dior handbag,I am just not a fan. This bag looks nicely indeed but there’s nothing special about it-yes,it’s easy to carry and made of leather but it doesn’t have that extra something that makes you take out $2000 and pay for it.

    With designer bags I am always looking for those extra buttons,zippers in unusual places or simple but breathtaking design. The above bag,you can find similar stuff for 1/5 of the price. Not for me.

  2. My sister and I have now looked at this bag sevreal times before it became such an thing for the celebs!!! I love the purple, do you think it is an “IT” bag or do you think it is classic i am a bit torn as to whether to advice my sister aginst it as she would like a new bag but only really can afford one bag at the moe!!!! She was looking at the zebra fur version?! What are your thoughts?!


  3. This does look quite lovely – very simple and clean. However, don’t you think it looks a tad plasticky? Whatever it is, it’s still much better than the weavy samurai crap they came up with.

  4. HI All,

    Go see the bag in person. I had all the same concerns when I saw this photo last month!

    Rest assured, the leather is not at all plastic-y. It’s sooooo soft and buttery I thought it was lambskin when I touched it.

    And I like the purple better than the yellow. Purple will translate well into the Fall as well.

    It’s absolutely simple chic in person. Go see it and put your stuff in it to see what I mean.


  5. I used to love, love, love Dior bags when monograms were IN and the saddle bag was hot. Dior has gone downhill for me ever since. This looks like something I could find at the Aldo accessories store. It’s certaintly not worth the $2290 price tag. I’d much rather spend a couple more bucks and get a Chanel classic.

  6. I like purple and admist the bag looks fun but I think it’s only going to be cute for a couple of months and will become a forgotten bag in my closet like a rubber/plastic Chanel bag I bought years ago

  7. It looks very Marni Balloon Bag-esque; not that that is a bad thing, just that it seems a bit derivative and more of a forced youthfulness from Dior.

  8. I just bought the larger version babe in black, because I needed 🙂 a great day bag in black and silver. I feel so chic with it on my arm and it looks Great with my black and silver Chanel flower ring! I too had fallen out of love with Dior until the babe and I cannot wait for the crocs arriving this fall!

  9. Sheree

    Was there much difference between the medium and small babe bag i have both on hold and am waiting to get a chance to pop in and take a look?! What are the crocs that are coming in too?!?


  10. Lottie

    They only had the larger one in stock, but there is only a 2 in difference between the two. Also, the sides are at different angles. You can see both at Bergdorf Goodman’s website! I Love it so much that I am going to get the smaller one in either nude or white.

    Go to and look at the detail shots of Dior’s runway show and you will see the crocs. They are Fabulous!!!

    🙂 Smiles:) Sheree

  11. Thanks Sheree thats great!!! I am off to to have a look. Will have to decide which size to go for!!! Think i have a slight preference for the larger!


  12. I am looking for this bag in black in the smaller of the two sizes. According to the Dior store that I called every store in the US is sold out of that one. Anyone know where I can get my hands on one?