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Fendi Peacock Fringed Pochette


No, Bag Snob has not been abducted by aliens, although all trim and detail point to extraterrestrial life! Don’t those peacock spots look like alien googly eyes? They actually pop out at you! And the rest of the bag with all the circles make the bag look diseased. I imagine the balls would poke at your sides–hopefully you’re not ticklish. On top of that, the leather looks tough and has a bit of a cowboy feel to it. This is an amazingly spectacular specimen of a bag. I mean, how ridiculous are designers getting? I know bags now are a symbol of individuality, but what does this say about you? Well, Patricia Fields would love this bag because it is so awful and strange. We saw her in NY, and I was really scared. I would never let someone who looks like that dress me. (Will it show up on Sex and the City? By the way, I have been invited to the premier and the after party. I’ll be there if I can motivate myself to fly to NYC 2 weeks in a row. I even have a press spot on the red carpet.) This bag actually gave me much joy and excitement. As soon as I saw it, I was like, “Oh, I am going to have a field day with this one!” So for that, this is an awesome bag!! =) At Browns Fashion for $2,680. Yeah, that’s the other thing–hello!! Who will pay that for a wacky party favor?



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    Seriously, why this…this thing-you can’t call it a handbag,have been allowed to be mass produced,it is indeed like a disease and therefore should be exterminated!!!


  2. ‘Perfectly proportioned and seriously stylish, a great bag for evening’ what??!!!

    By the way,I cannot wait which famous fashion victim/attention seeker/wag will get pictured carrying this load of rubbish!

  3. Ah! Those DO look like alien googly eyes. In fact, they were following me as I was reading. Yikes.

    Oh, and um, if you can’t bring yourself to go to the S&TC premier and red-carpet affair…I know someone *ahem* who’d be happy to fill your spot.

  4. OMG. I keep trying to picture some way to make this work on any age group at all, any outfit, event … there’s nothing. Looks like a 3-year-old’s cake-decorating project.

  5. i don’t really read fashion mags anymore (yay blogs) but do they really spin this stuff to try to make this look stylish? is that even possible? i feel so bad for anyone who’s job it is to say that this is chic.

  6. InStyle actually defined it “A talisman and a masterpiece” but I agree with the description of “bag with a serious skin disease”… $2680 saved LOL

  7. this bag gives me goosebumps..literally. i dont know why it scares me so much, but the little oogly alien eye things are just so disgusting

  8. It looks like a sea creature growing barnacles. There’s no pert of the bag left unscathed! I bought a midnight blue stingray Jalda clutch today (I just had to share), is this bag karma? Get something good and then have to look at the most fug bag I’ve ever seen?

  9. magazines are ridiculous, how can anyone with eyes say this is a masterpiece? Oh, I know, they mean a master piece of S@*%.

  10. you, know either one of those bags would work well with a parade outfit to, I just might be a clown, creepy as they are, if I were to wear one of those..

  11. okay, what are they thinking? it’s not ok to produce something like this and expect money for it. back in the day when I was a buyer, we are required to go to the stores so listen to clients comment on products so we can improve next time…. maybe fendi should do the same.