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FTBC Pucci Beach Bag


I am totally jealous that Kelly is lounging on a beach in Hawaii right now, as I sit and shiver in the cold front that has swept the country–30 degrees last night, which is so strange for this time of the year. What is going on? Hello Horton–can you hear us?!?! As I await my own upcoming beach vacation, I’ve discovered yet another guilt-free splurge. Net-a-Porter and Pucci have teamed up to benefit FTBC (Fashion Targets Breast Cancer) once again with a juicy citrus-hued beach bag! Purchasing this limited-edition Pucci beach bag directly supports Fashion Targets Breast Cancer WORLDWIDE in the battle to combat breast cancer. All net proceeds will be donated to FTBC, where they will benefit local breast cancer charities around the world in support of the on-going global campaign to find a cure. Now I just have to find a guilt-free excuse for the fabulous Hermes bikini and pink lizard sandals I saw the other day…

Pucci FTBC Beach Bag is $795 at NAP.



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  1. I wish I were in Hawaii too, let me tell you! Instead of hanging out in this office building in the Valley. 🙂 This is a great print. I love a good beach back. And, let’s be honest. Do you really need an excuse to buy an Hermes bikini?

  2. I am with you, PJH, who needs an excuse for an Hermes bikini? I love this print, it’s not as loud as the usual Pucci. I can use it with a lot of my new summer clothes.

  3. Savvy sister just told me she could get me a birkin of choice and color without the 3 year wait so what kind of excuse can I come up with to justify buying another one after I just purchase the JPG few months ago. I promise I wouldn’t buy another bag for a year. I agree about Pucci, it’s really cute and it’s for charity right…

  4. I really love this bag, I will be spending 6 weeks in the Hamptons this summer and this bag will be perfect to schllep my kids things in it!!Thx T….and I also agree, you DO NOT! need an excuse for anything HERMES?!?!… =)

  5. I could use this bag this week! Too bad it wasn’t available before I left for Hawaii. I am enjoying myself on my balcony, looking out at the beautiful Hawaiian beach as I check my emails and do some minor blogging! I am loving life!!


  6. Kelly let me know how the weather is I’m out their on Monday so excited it’s my first time!!!!

    Tina do Hermes really do bikinis?!? I think we need to see these lizzard scandals that you have spoken about on many occassions, have you bought them now?


  7. Hi, first time posting. This is just the beach bag I’ve been looking for!

    Tina- you must get the Hermes bikini and pink lizard sandals. I saw it at the boutique, it is the most gorgeous bikini I’ve ever seen.

  8. I did not get the pink Hermes lizard sandals afterall, I had size issues. My feet are really small. Am waiting for Paris trip to really stock up on Hermes.

    The Hermes bikini, is TO DIE. Made of same print as the scarves, of heavier fabric and looks like a million bucks.

    However, did get 2 bags today- will post soon… one is white alligator, the other lime green… not going to tell you what brands, you’ll have to wait though I’m sure you have an idea. I am beyond the moon. Not that it’s as good as sitting in front of the ocean in hawaii but it’s close 😉


  9. Tina Im already drooling, looking forward to your posts get them up quick!!!! Should we warn Paris your on your way soon!!!!

    I have read several times a Hermes Lydie bag being mentioned is this a vintage bag no longer in production? Tina would love a bit of history on Hermes I’m sure you have a stack of info in your brain filed under H, do share with us!!!

    Hope Kelly is saving some sun for me, so excited first visit to Hawaii, any tips anybody on what to see and what not?!