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Gorgeous Hair with Ginalli Ceramic Barrel Iron!


I am one of those people with really straight hair. Yes, it’s shiny; yes, it’s healthy, but it’s STICK straight, as in totally boring, not to mention slippery and hard to put up in an updo. I usually let it air dry (as I am doing now while I work), I don’t color it and rarely use anything on it, so it’s about as healthy as hair can be, but I’ve always envied friends with wild curly hair (though they say they’d kill for mine; the grass is always greener isn’t it?). In my bathroom, you will find a plethora of curling irons, sponge curlers, hot curlers, velcro curlers, steam curlers, etc. I even got a perm once about 15 years ago, (I say once because it was the most hideous thing I’ve ever done to myself and never repeated.) all in my quest for that tousled, messy, just rolled out of bed sexy hair.

I have never been able to find anything that gives me the natural wavy/curl I so crave. The curling iron left clamp marks, the hot curlers made it look too bouncy circa Lucy Ewing 1985, and all the other curlers made curls that lasted about as long as it took to do my makeup. But today, I found the ultimate solution for the curl challenged! The Ginalli curling iron is a simple and lasting (the curls lasts 2-3 days!) way to get princess worthy tresses. It comes with a heat-resistant glove because it does not have a clamp, which means you’ll have flawless curls. So you just wind your hair around it, hold for a few seconds, and voila! Perfect waves or spirals, depending what you like. If you like tight spirals, wrap small flat pieces of hair around it. If you like the loose and sexy bedroom curl, twirl the piece of hair before you wrap it. So simple and so gorgeous! $140 for the large 25cm size Cilindrico (the one I got) and around $120 for the smaller sizes.



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  1. Ooh! Heat resistant gloves would definitely make handling a curling iron much more easier. Do you know where I can find just the gloves?

  2. you can make your own by just unscrewing the clamp from a regular curling iron. i’ve done it to two of mine. it may not last as long, but the waves/curls look natural and great

  3. I love this post. Your hair is described EXACTLY as mine and I also have the exact same problem with trying to get waves in my hair. Can’t wait to give this tool a try!

  4. Really great! I HAVE curly hair naturally, but making perfect, smooth spirals without killing my hair has always been a challenge. Bought this at the mall recently, and voila! I get beautiful, healthy curls with little effort!