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Gryson, Oscar at Below Wholesale!

UPDATE: Here is the correct link.


Woven Skye, $420; Jasper Nylon, $298

Our friends at Ideeli are offering a special code to Bag Snob readers, so that you can get in on these Gryson bags at ridiculously low prices. The Skye woven in Natural is only $420, and the Jasper in Navy Nylon is a mere $298. We love the Skye, and the woven detail is fabulous. I am considering the nylon Jasper as a gym bag; it is quite big at 21″W X 9″H, and for $298, why not? Ideeli is a private, invitation-only shopping site that sells luxury brands at clearance prices. Consider yourselves invited by Bag Snob to take advantage of this sale. If you’re interested, go to the ideeli site (you must enter through this link to get in) and enter your e-mail address. Once you are in, click “The Latest” to see the Gryson selection. Let us know how you like it, and if you do, we will alert you to other sales.

Update from Tina: Hi all, thanks for being patient, please copy and paste the code above. I also found some great Oscar bags coming up for sale 🙂


Left: Alden $2,395 now $795 Right: $850 now $175



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  1. I clicked on the link and got sent through to the page “” which displays, “Sorry. That’s a Wrong Page”.

  2. Maybe it is because I am still on my first cup of coffee this morning, but I was unable to access the ideeli site through the link as displayed on your posting. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Wow, there is an Oscar de la Renta white leather and vinyl summer bag for 89% off. Was $850, now $175

    OH MY GOD, a gorgeous Oscar Alden like my crocodile but the tall version and in gold python, it’s $795, was $2390. WOW~~~ I’ll add the photos to the entry!

    That’s almost free! get on it quickly girls!

    Wait, now they want my cell… just put it in…

    Oh, it’s a $7.99 a month membership fee. Hum, I guess it’s worth it to try for a month at this kind of discount.

  4. HI All

    I just got an email after I signed up. The Gryson sale is today at 11:00am for 1st row ($7.99 a month membership) and at 12pm for 2nd row (free) membership.

    I won’t be home to check it out so let me know how you guys like this sale site.

    We do not benefit from this, by the way. Just thought we’d let our readers know of a good sale 🙂


  5. Me too. The Grysons are sold out. Sadface. I think I may sign up for a month and see what happens. I think you send them your cell phone so that they text you when a sale starts. It’s like W00t! only without set times.

  6. I am a total bag junkie!! I’ve been an ideeli member for a while, and have gotten alot of great stuff, but the downside is that nothing is returnable. I was so excited when I bought the Oscar Alden–I’ve been waiting for it to come up for a couple of months, and I just got it yesterday…I’m kind of disappointed with it but can’t return it. I like better because returns are painless.

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