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Kid Kustoms’ Strollers


There are a few things I look for in a stroller. First, I want it to be easy to use and lightweight. Second, I want it to look good! Kid Kustoms’ stylish Roddler stroller is made of lightweight materials and fits easily in a car trunk—even a small one. It is available with interchangeable rear fender packages, including the new Traditional ’59, which is reminiscent of a classic car from the 1950s. My husband would love that! And because fenders are interchangeable, you can change them to suit your tastes that day! I also really like that the fenders can feature functional tail lights. That is a great safety feature when walking outside. Prices start at $2,000 (the one seen here is $2500). You can check the strollers out and find authorized dealers at Kid Kustoms.


–Tyler Alexander

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