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Thank You to Moms!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we are going to have an entire month of giveaways for the much deserving moms who work so hard. I love being taken care of so I am sure you all do, too! This week we are giving away the Philosophy Thank You set which includes an 8 oz Amazing Grace and an 8 oz Pure Grace shampoo, bath, and shower gel in a signature gift box.

To enter, tell us how your body has changed since you’ve had kid(s). It does not have to relate to pregnancy, like I now have scoliosis because I favor one side when holding my kids. My chiropractor is on it but the damage is done! Share with us in the comments and one lucky winner will be randomly drawn to receive the wonderful Philosophy bath products! The contest ends this Friday April 18th at 11:59 pm EST so make sure you enter by then! One entry per person please. If you are having trouble please email me and I will help you get your comments in. Good luck.

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20 thoughts on “Thank You to Moms!”

  1. How hasn’t my body changed! I no longer have a flat stomach, instead I have a pouch. I have stretch marks on my tummy and boobs. My boobs are bigger and sag. Let’s not forget all the extra pounds that I still haven’t lost from my pregnancy. Boy that’s all negative. On a positive I feel stronger in my arms since I need to pick up my toddler a lot.

  2. I no longer have allergies. My allergies subsided during pregancy (and I had terrible allergies for a full 1/2 of the year) and they haven’t returned (daughter is now 2).

  3. Well, I am a bit older now and I definately have a “sagging” belly. Guess this is a woman only kind of contest 🙂

  4. Well besides the usual (i.e pregnancy weight ) Ever since I was pregnnat I have had problems with a sciatic nerve. So still a year later I get the occaional cramp that makes me walk funny.

  5. Well of course my complaint of body change is my looks like a wrinkled raisn after having my daughter back in 2006

  6. I have a 7 month old. Somehow the dimples that once only existed in a small space below my butt cheeks, have spread all the way down my thighs and around my knee caps! And don’t even get me going on my lovely new muffin-tops. But on a positive note, my heart got a lot bigger when my daughter was born! I smile,laugh, and cry a lot more too!

  7. I no longer have a knee jerk reflex when a rubber hammer is tapped against my knee. When my son was born, I suffered femural nerve damage from the epidural. The nerve damage ultimately resolved itself, but my neurologist pointed out that I lost that knee jerk reflex. Bizarre!

  8. The main change in my body is, even though I weight the same as I did before pregnancy, it is toned as it was. Biggest change in me? I’m really not that concerned about it! It’s a small price to pay….I have the rest of my life to get toned again so I’m not rushing it!

  9. The main change in my body is, even though I weight the same as I did before pregnancy, it is not as toned as it was. Biggest change in me? I’m really not that concerned about it! It’s a small price to pay….I have the rest of my life to get toned again so I’m not rushing it!

  10. Well, I weigh more everywhere… But since my son is now 3 1/2, I can hardly blame it on baby weight! My hips/thighs were always large but are bigger than ever, and my once-flat stomach is now flabby and stretchmarked. My arms are much stronger though, from all the heavy-lifting! I also find that I am more emotional. NEVER would have cried in a movie or at a sappy country song, but find myself doing so now. And I’m less of a daredevil… still love rollercoasters but I worry too much about my son to be as carefree as I once was.

  11. i’ve maintained a couple preggo pounds, which i don’t mind, but with that came love handles… which i do mind!

  12. After my first pregnancy, the weight just fell off and I was back to my original weight…however, with smaller boobs. And now a year after my second child was born, I still have 10 pounds to lose. I used to love to exercise and now it seems like I’m too tired all of the time!

  13. Definitely the whole ‘raisin belly’ and not sleeping the same ever since has caused dark circles to develop under my eyes, and my skin is alot more dry for some reason, this philosophy gift set sounds right up my alley, it’s a multiuse product which saves time, and it sounds like it would really pamper the skin.

  14. Where to start? I now have mommy arms (strong and big), stretch marks, wider hips, bigger feet, darker moles… etc. The only thing that got better with pregnancy was my hair, and now that’s going away also

  15. Since having baby, my rib cage has expanded and I can no longer fit into my shirts and jackets like I used to. Belly pouch and sagging boobs are 2 other problem areas. But it’s all worth it!

  16. EVERYTHING changes after you have a baby. My most recent discovery is that even if your weight is back to the way it was (well back to before the third child, not the other two) “things” are no longer in the same place so clothes fit COMPLETELY different, sigh!!!

  17. After my first, I lost my pregnancy weight and then some. After my second, I still haven’t reached my pre-pregnancy weight, but I’ve grown a nice bum, which makes up for the little belly pouch!


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