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White Hot Summer Bags



YSL Marjorelle $1395, Lanvin Python Pochette $1830

Bottega Venta $2780, Miu Miu Matelasse $1590

Are you ready for summer? Well, first things first, you gotta get your white bags on! Here are our favorite bags in white for the summer. And who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Total non-sense, especially when we are talking about fabulous classic bags that are appropriate for all seasons and occasions. The YSL Marjorelle has become one of my favorite bags this season (I have the blue but now am wishing I had waited for this white!!). The Lanvin pochette in python is a steal for $1830 and is the perfect bag for your tiny summer dresses or even a hot evening out with a tropical cocktail, umbrella and all. For the practical gals, the tri-compartment Bottega Veneta breezes from work to weekends. And if you are in between hip and pragmatic, the Miu Miu is genius for all events in your life. It has stood the test of time so even though it is a trend bag, you will be able to use it for many seasons to come. Like with everything else, before anything can get started, you must first have the perfect bag!

By the way, the Lanvin and Miu Miu is 40% off at Barneys Dallas for one day only! Call Pam or Cory at 469-221-4807



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  1. Like you, I have an everlasting love for YSL, especially the Muse, which I think is a classic. I have the black and the brown, and I’ve been considering a white one for summer but don’t want to purchase something that is “out.” what do you guys think – is a white muse classic enough to still pull off?

  2. I dripped coffee on my white patent majorelle bag and didn’t notice until last night. It’s very minor but it’s bothering me. I tried to dab at it but the stain won’t come off. Anyone have any suggestions?

  3. I have the marjorelle in the volcano gold color – is that a good choice ?? Have not used it yet! I could get the white…

  4. the bottega veneta roma is such a great bag. it has the three compartments which isn’t common at bottega. i love how the cell phone pocket inside is actually big enough for a phone and an ipod and the leather is so buttery soft. i thought it was so big and structured at first but as it gets worn in it becomes less square and i can’t explain it but it just looks so much better now. definitely a good investment.

  5. You mentioned that two of the bags are 40% off at Barney’s Dallas, any word on the other two?

    Saw that started a 40% off on white bags. White bags not selling?

  6. i love them all… except for the ysl… it’s a little too mature for me. i’ve seen a lot of imitation bags like the bottega’s woven pattern… but nothing beats the real beauty!!

  7. I looovvve the Miu Miu bag….Does anyone know where I can get it? If it’s still available??? Checked almost all websites, NM, BG, Net-a-porter, etc…nada. Please let me know!!!!