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Baubles, Bags and Bubbly Party in LA!


I am wearing one of my favorite Oscar dresses from Spring 2008 in red! Both of us in Lou Lou Jewels for Oscar.

Thanks to all the fabulous readers and friends who attended our party last night. The evening was a smashing success! We had such a huge turn out we ran out of champagne three times! Luckily, Steven Mathieu– the Retail Manager At Large for Oscar de la Renta replenished quickly each time. A big thank you to our our friends from the press who came in support of the event– Rachel of WWD and Jennifer Chan of Fashionweek daily and of course the photographers and videographers from Splash News and Patrick McMullen! (see more photos after the jump!)


From WWD


Lou Lou de la Falaise is a gracious and charming woman, no wonder she inspired Yves St. Laurent! The very chic tall girl next to me is Eliza Bolen, Oscar de la Renta’s stepdaughter.


This is Sue on the right, our Producer from the Style Network “25 most stylish” series!


Kelly and one of our best friends, Liat Ciardi– if you are ever on Montana in Santa Monica go check out “Liat’s” bath and body– she no longer owns it but she is the one who made it a smashing success!




The Oscar boutique on Melrose Place is amazing! You must stop by and ask to see the second floor. You’ll want to move in!



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  1. What an amazing time you must have had guys! Tina-that clutch looks massive on you-when I am comparing with myself anyway:D !! Fab outfit, when oh when I will be able to join you guys in LA?! I am changing jobs right now so probably not anytime soon;(


  2. Tina that dress is gorgeous, you look very chic!!! Kelly in most of your photos your always in black, is this a favourite of yours?

    You sound like you had a ball! I have been to the Melrose store but didn’t realise there was an upstairs now I’m worried I missed out on some treasure?!

    Tina what did you think of the new colour for the Goya for Resort 2009? Will you do a review on any new bags from Mr de la Renta? And thank you for introducing me to Mindy she is a real star, hopefully going to pop over the pond and see her, maybe see you too at Fashion on the Park (Excuse me if that isn’t its official title) will you be doing something there?


  3. Hi girls,

    Yes, the doheny is massive– I can fit everything in it! It’s about as big as I will go.

    Lottie- there is an upstairs home/lifestyle store with furniture and home accessories, beyond!

    I love the new resort Goya colors but am waiting to write about them. there is a color that was not shown on the runway that I got to preview when I went to the studio after the show to film with Oscar— top secret– stay tuned!

    But the gray for Fall is a MUST!


  4. I am still just so in awe of the fact that you met LouLou. She is an icon to fashion history. I love that Oscar boutique too. That whole area round near Melrose and WeHo is great because you have great designers and boutiques without the tourism of Rodeo Drive. The Mulberry right there is really cute too. I love living in Los Angeles! Tina, your outfit is stunning. That red dress accents the color of your hair perfectly! I love Kelly’s Chanel too Work it, ladies!

  5. Tina and Kelly,

    you girls are beautiful and so stylish! you are an inspiration for my sisters and I.

    we have been reading since the beginning and are in awe with what you have achieved in such a short time.

    congrats, the party looks like a blast!!!!


  6. Oh Tina your such a tease, any idea when you can share, Mindy said that it starts to hit stores in November I’m not going to have to wait that long?!?

    When i return to LA with my sisters wedding dress fitting at Monique down the street i will definatley have to go and check out the homeware – -can’t believe i missed it!!

    One more question will you be purchasing the Goya in another colour or is the Gray going to be your one and only!! (I understand if this is a personla question i only ask to know whether the top secret colour is really that good)LOl;)

    Look forward to your next ODLR and Hermes posts! And THE SECRET of course!


  7. PJH- why didn’t you come??? We had at least 200 people come in and out through the night and I think half were Bag Snob readers 🙂

    Not only did we meet Loulou, we had dinner with her after at Lucques and I sat next to her the entire evening and had a chance to hear all about her life!!! She is incredible and so gracious…

    Lottie- the goya is going to be a bag I buy in multiple colors. It’s just so fun and fresh! The grey is a must have and basic– so timeless but the fun colors (in leather, too!) will be seasonal.


  8. girls- you are both gorgeous, I would say you have arrived!

    Tina, that red dress is on fire! you always stand out in photos. so wish I could have been there. any plans for a newyork party??

  9. I was at the party and it was a blast- beautiful jewels, bags and clothes. The girls were gregarious and friendly; they are anything but snobby and they are even cuter in person. Love the Bag Snobs!

  10. Tina, I’m sure LouLou was a gem to talk to. I feel like she is still a real part of the fashion world we all envision. Couldn’t make it on Tuesday but definitely make it next time! 🙂

  11. Wow – for someone who’s one of your best friends, you sure gave Liat short shrift. So you told us what her husband does, in spite of the fact that he isn’t in the photo…but what about her? Is what she does not as worthy of mention? Is her only worth the man she’s married to? Surely, that cannot be??!

  12. Shevy,

    I actually was going to mention her business but she asked me not to as she is going through some changes professionally.

    But you are right, I should have mentioned that she is a super star in her own right, if you go on Montana St. in Santa Monica– you will see the bath and body store “Liat’s” that she used to own.

    She is also a “green” home consultant and designer but is going through changes I am not at liberty to discuss. But please don’t think I was trying to short change her! Liat is one of my oldest and dearest friends!!!

  13. you guys look divine loving your bags specially kelly’s.

    love the chanel so beautiful and so are both of you

    hope you had fun…

  14. what an honor to host a party for fashion legend loulou de la falaise! loulou looks amazingly youthful and stylish, she is also featured in Bazaar’s fabulous at any age this month.

  15. there is an upstairs? I have been at the oscar store on Melrose place but never noticed. must go see the home stuff. I love that little corner on Melrose, it’s carved out with the best boutiques. I have eyed the big clutch since you first wrote of it. any idea if its going to go on sale this summer? feels wrong to pay full retail now that all the shops are on sale.

  16. Tina, you are very gracious. I like your updated blurb on Liat much better too ;o)

    All the best to her and to you!

  17. Amazing~it seems that the bags suit Tina so well,the color and the style~~~that reminds me of a website,,there seems to be a similar one on that site…..