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Double Curl Gentle Heat Lash Curler from Artemis Woman

eyelashe.gif My eyelashes are my favorite accessory. I do not feel confident if they are not properly dressed, and when they are I can conquer the world! But lately I have been wondering ‘Is mascara enough?’. That is when I found Artemis Woman’s Heated Eyelash Curler –swoon-! I stopped using eyelash curlers in high school, because I already have long eyelashes and I felt like those curlers didn’t really curl but just kinked my precious lashes. And don’t forget about accidentally bumping your arm and ripping a few out…ouch! This is different. For the first time in my life instead of a giant kink in the middle of my lashes, they now have a lovely cover girl looking curl! The secret is that it has TWO heated pads— one for the middle and one for the ends of your lashes, so there are two curls pressed in instead of just one. Also worth noting: I have never had my mascara stay on so long EVER! Most of the time I need to touch up the afternoon flakes or smudges, but with the heat opening up the follicles of your eyelashes, the color can really grab on!

Double Curl Gentle Heat Lash Curler- $24.99 at Artemis Woman

***Note from the Snob: Wait until after your eyelashes are curled to apply your mascara! Otherwise you will ruin your tools AND need to reapply.***


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  1. Here’s where I’d love to see before and after pics. I’m worried about the heat affecting the lashes. Can you give us an update about the health of your lashes after using this?

  2. Good Idea lulu! I will work on getting those up over the weekend =) As for the health of my lashes, the heat is not nearly as intense as your typical curling iron (it is only centimeters from your eye ball!)… More like the temperature of your morning coffee. I actually feel like it helped the conditioning elements of my mascara work 10x more effectively by opening up the tiny follicles.