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KRYOLAN- Professional Make-Up

kryolan.jpgAttention: Professional Make-Up Artists!…Kryolan Professional Make-Up Products are exactly what you need! If you are beginning to build your collection or replenishing your goods, Kryolan is an amazing, economical solution. Their products are made and shipped from Germany (very well packed, by the way). The company has more than 14,000 items; make-up for theater, film, photography and television. Cameras record colors differently from the human eye, so it is extremely important to find a foundation that blends smoothly into your skin. Kryolan also carries products for special effects, corrective make-up and airbrush equipment. Request a catalog and check out their incredible range of goods…(I was blown away by their selection of false eyelashes!)


132 Ninth Street

CA 94103 San Francisco

Phone: +1 / 415 863 96 84

Fax: +1 415 / 863 90 59


For a distributor near you in the USA or Canada, please call their toll-free number:


1 (800) 866-1329

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5 thoughts on “KRYOLAN- Professional Make-Up”

  1. please send me your catelog by mail to me. I want ot buy your product & I want to see all your products. my address is

    1005 Havencrest st

    ROCKVILLE MD 20850

    Please include contact phone # for maryland area I am in USA.



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