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Look-a-Like, YSL vs MoMA


Our faithful reader Janet alerted us to this MoMA tote bag – a total knockoff of the YSL Raspail painted canvas. It’s so nice to have our readers doing the work for us! Now we can just focus on the bitching =) Now, you all know we love YSL but there are limits to everything and the love ends with this splatter canvas tote. The strange thing is, I like the MoMA knockoff, not only because it is $18 compared to the $995 YSL (it is on sale now for $895, jeez big whoop, it is still overpriced by at least $800) but because it is appropriate for what this really is and should be, a throwaway grocery store cotton tote. Of course the YSL is higher quality, it is structured with a gusset and piping, and the interior is immaculate, but that only proves my point even more, why go through all that trouble for something that is only useful for unimportant events like carrying magazines to the bathroom and pot luck to your in-laws? The one good thing though, MoMA has made the YSL brand a part of pop culture and that is definitely a plus for my “real” YSL bag collection. The MoMA tote is available at their online store and YSL Medium Raspail is on



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  1. I don’t like neither of those and I don’t get this whole cotton totes craze,the only shopping tote that I tend to carry is the original ‘I am not a plastic bag’ and no,not because I am a shopping tote snob but because only Anya’s bag is the perfect size,has got strong enough handles to carry all my stuff and looks great but also simple so I can wear almost anything and don’t clash with it.


  2. I actually like the Moma one better. It is a rather blatant knockoff, but I like how it’s more casual. I may be delusional, but I always like to think that buying at Moma my money is going to a good place!

  3. I’d like the YSL one if it wasn’t so expensive. I love the MOMA one. I love MOMA, what can I say? And it’s priced right too! It’s always so sad to me when I hear someone say they’ve paid four hundred dollars on a fake bag, and they know it’s fake! But, this cotton MOMA one is great. I love collecting cheap cheap reusable bags. My favorites are Trader Joe’s, because of the design, and the Target red one that zips up, because I can pretend it’s the Hermes Silkypop! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Wed!

  4. I like the splotchier details on the YSL more. The Moma is too blobby. I don’t like the YSL $895 though.

  5. Hi,

    I’m a twenty-something girl who live by the beach on Oahu.I’m looking for a perfect summer bag than I could used all day long.(school-beach-bbq party) I’m looking for something classic but still practical for my life on the island ๐Ÿ™‚ What would you suggest? What do you think about YSL tote bag? Is it tacky? I like the fact that its a tote and the mail concept but the shape is quite simple for $1300.

    I really love your website and always check it out daily ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you both are sooooo fabulous!!! I trust your judgement on bags than any magazines out there <3 Aloha

  6. How sure are we that the MoMA is a knockoff? The way the paint falls and the shape of the bag makes me think it’s supposed to resemble a bucket of paint, whereas the YSL is more like paint falling down a canvas.