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Maison Martin Margiela Convertible Beach Bag


This is the best thing I have seen in a long time. Now you can really be ready for the beach, I know I am. I just got the cutest hat today, it is big and floppy and has adorable colorful appliques. So, next thing I need is a bag and towel and lookie here, a two for one, bag AND towel. The bag unbuttons, unravels and becomes a giant beach towel. If you think about it, it does work out logistically, you just have to find a spot to put all your stuff while your towel is being transformed. I mean, usually, you empty everything out of the your beach bag anyways so like I said, it does work out eventually. This of course is for those who live close to the beach and frequents it on a regular basis. It not not meant for one of those family outing jobbers that involves coolers, tents and lawn chairs. It is great conceptually, super cute and surprisingly cheap, only $235!! At eluxury.



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  1. tacky and not practical. what happens if you dry yourself off with the towel (which will be wet) and then you are getting ready to leave the beach. do you put your sunglasses, sunscreen, knick knacks and things in a wet towel bag? doesn’t make any sense to me. lets keep towels as towels and bags as bags.

  2. Just out of curiosity, what do you do that makes $235 for a towel “surprisingly cheap?” I’ve seen some of the bags that you’ve listed as “cheap thrills” and they are definitely not cheap thrills for the majority of the population. I dream of having that lifestyle lol!

  3. What do you do when you towel off?? put everything in wet towel?

    and seriously $235-that is not cheap. However much money you have you should have common sense as well-it’s just a towel with few buttons that isn’t even practical.

  4. Looks ingenious but honestly…I wouldn’t buy such a thing. I think you need a lot of stuff when going to the beach (including wallet, car-keys, house-keys, stuff that you cannot really drop onto the sand when you turn your bag into a towel).

    This would only work as a second bag. Have a beach bag in which you deposit your important stuff and use this one to carry the sun-lotion and other things that you can easily lay on the sand and not worry too much about them being stolen or lost.

    Overall, I wouldn’t spend USD 235 on this. I’d much rather buy a gorgeous designer beach towel with that money 🙂

  5. What she means is it’s cheap for a bag AND towel combo. It’s a cute bag, even for gals with babies, anything you can throw in a washer is practical. If baby’s bottle leaks or baby barfs on it, no problem! I am at the beach myself and love it!

  6. What she means is it’s cheap for a bag AND towel combo

    It’s not a bag as it is not practical! Seriously,so if a bottle of milk leaks all over it you’re still gonna towel off yourself with it?