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Prescriptives Daily Pop Quiz May 23, 2008

Congrats to Juliet and BuffyAnn! Baby’s first name was Frances!dirtydancing.jpg

Who doesn’t love “Dirty Dancing?” I know I spent many a dance class dreaming of doing the lift with Patrick Swayze. Tell us the real first name of “Baby,” Jennifer Grey’s character.

Game Rules Here.

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40 thoughts on “Prescriptives Daily Pop Quiz May 23, 2008

  1. salmonlady on said:


  2. Frances

  3. Francis….I LOVE this movie! Thanks!

  4. michelle on said:


  5. Frances Baby Houseman

  6. carolyn on said:


  7. Frances “Baby” Kellerman

  8. christy on said:

    frances houseman

  9. Lisa C on said:


  10. BuffyAnne on said:

    Nobody puts Frances Houseman in a corner!

  11. Juliet on said:


  12. Frances!

  13. Frances Houseman

  14. Melissa on said:


  15. Frances Houseman, nicknamed Baby

  16. frances

  17. Frances


  18. chris81 on said:


  19. Frances

  20. Frances :)

  21. elaine on said:

    frances houseman

  22. Tracy Iglesias on said:

    Frances “don’t put baby in a corner” Houseman :) Couldn’t Resist! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

  23. kelsey on said:


  24. Ashley Samantha on said:


  25. Frances

  26. frances!

  27. Nicole on said:


  28. Trudi Shaw on said:


  29. Frances

  30. Suzanne on said:

    Frances Houseman…and she looked so, so cute BEFORE the nosejob!

  31. meg jones on said:

    frances! what a fabulous movie :)

  32. Anne D. Larkin on said:


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