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Prescriptives Daily Pop Quiz May 26, 2008

Congrats to Indian Girl and Katie for knowing that Reese’s nickname was Felony Melanie!


One of my favorite rainy day movies is “Sweet Home Alabama.” Depending on my mood the day I watch it, I always switch which guy I want Reese Witherspoon’s character to pick. Tell us, what is her nickname in the movie?

Game Rules Here.

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16 thoughts on “Prescriptives Daily Pop Quiz May 26, 2008

  1. Candice on said:

    Felony Melanie

  2. Felony Melanie

    is Reese Witherspoon’s nickname in the movie :)

  3. Danielle Feica on said:


  4. Her nickname is Felony Melanie….thanks!

  5. michelle on said:

    felony melanie

  6. Adriane on said:

    Daisy Mae

  7. Tracy Iglesias on said:

    Felony Melanie

  8. her nickname is “Felony Melanie”

  9. Felony Melanie

  10. Felony Melanie… I always want her to end up with Patrick Dempsey. :)

  11. Felony Melanie

  12. Colleen B. on said:

    Felony Melanie

  13. Felony Melanie

  14. BuffyAnne on said:

    Felony Melanie – Oh, I loooove Patrick Dempsy in that movie! Almost as good as his role in Can’t Buy Me Love :)

  15. Salmonlady on said:

    Felony Melanie

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