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Sex and the City Style Watch: Louis Vuitton

You’ve all been asking about the bags showcased in SATC– here are a few from LV that SJP and cast sported!


The Richard Prince Motard Firebird Bag, given by Sarah Jessica Parker to Jennifer Hudson, who plays her assistant, as a holiday present. This would not have been my choice to give my assistant but seeing that it’s a $5400 bag, I am sure she was ecstatic. But if she wasn’t, there is always eBay!

limelightclutch.jpgThe Limelight Clutch bag, carried in the film by Sarah Jessica Parker. Of course Carrie would save the cuter bag for herself! This clutch is cute and unassuming, a total thumbs up from the Bag Snob! $1200 at


The Damier Azur Boite Falcons travel case, carried by Kristin Davis on her trip to Mexico. I have this in the original monogram and must say I am green with envy over the Damier Azur version. $3370 at

The Denim Patchwork Bowling Bag carried by Jennifer Hudson. I am not going to comment on this bag. You guys know how I feel about LV patch work bags, in denim no less!


The pink London Pumps and Thelma sunglasses, worn by Kim Catrall. Now this is HOT! Pink is my favorite color and I can totally see Samantha rocking this look.



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  1. Oh dear,the Motard bag-I think if I was Carrie’s PA I would struggle getting rid of it even through Ebay-now come on,who’s gonna pay $5000 for this monstrosity?

    The Limelight one-hmm,it would have to be the black version as above,the grey one looks awful!

    The travel case is to die for indeed,but obviously that’s what LV does best anyway.

    Thanks for sharing these! Want more!:D


    1. I whole heartedly agree with you regarding the firebird bag! Just awful!! Downright ugly!!! When I saw it I was stunned that they would have even made a bag so ugly!!!

  2. Tina, I think the bag is very cute and young. If I was in my 40s and had a 20 something assistant, and LV had sent it to me, I’d definitely give it to her. Carrying Birkins, even dressed down with jeans, do not make you look care-free as a young person should.

  3. love the limelight clutch and the travel case, but i prefer yours in the original monogram over the damier azur.

  4. i am going to see the movie tomorrow, but i have heard that SJP was carrying a 25 birkin in vert anis lizard, sounds beautiful! did you see it? i have already asked by SA to be on the lookout for something small in this, sounds so great.

  5. But the WHOLE POINT of the bag is that it’s not stylish or Carrie’s style, because the assistant does not have a high-fashion taste but Carrie is a lovely person so buys her a bag she knows the PA will appreciate, not one she herself wants…

  6. I loved how lily (charlotte’s daughter) had a judith leiber cupcake minaudiere. It’s funny how she’s the only one in the movie that would look appropriate carrying it.

  7. this is new york life. it always strikes me, when i see an assistant at a fashion show sporting an extremely pricey bag knowing full well they share a bedroom with 5 other people in brooklyn. madness.

    but that is an amazing gift to get and i see how perfectly the bag suits j. hudson’s character.



  8. I must say I quite like the limelight. They made this in other colors right? I was a Border’s bookstore in the Valley a few months ago, and I think I saw one in gold. I love an oversized clutch, and this one, with it’s solid color and blatant echo of the classic print, to me make this bag a good direction towards being relevant again. Love this one. I’m seeing the movie tomorrow, so I can’t wait to see all of this stuff in action! The Motard Firebird is hideous.

  9. I talked my friend out of the silver Limelight. It was suppoesed to be a spcial edition. I just did not care of it back then and still don’t know about it now.

  10. Just saw the movie and the firebird bag is all I can think about. Omg $5400 might as well have wiped your a** with that money it would have been more worth it.

    The movie experience however was quite entertaining. Droves of girls night out crews in impractical shoes and flower appliqués all taking group pictures in the theater. Maybe 10 guys in the whole place, 8 gay and 2 whipped.

  11. Bag Snob Ladies, speaking of Birkins. Was it Pharrel that bought the large custom made purple alligator birkin – I think Tina and Kelly had a pic of it on here? Cause he is in the latest Madonna video, Give It 2 Me (he produced it), and he features his birkin in the video – he’s like dragging it around about half-way thru the video – prominently displayed.

  12. T, do you like the 25cm more than the 30cm? I am not as small as you, can I carry the smaller size off? It looks so dainty and charming! I am 5’6″ xx

  13. The shameless product placement cheapened the movie in general (iphone, bagborrowandsteal, vitamin water, etc.) With the exception of the birkin and chanel 2.55, I was not feeling the blatant plugs of here-today-gone-tomorrow bags like the Gucci I Love NY bag or that crazy Firebird.

    I love the above comment on Lily’s cupcake clutch… adorable!

  14. lovebags- this is not a sponsored post. but LV people were first to send out press images. am waiting for more images from PR firms who are not as on top of things.

    Susan- i have not seen the movie yet, just what kelly has told me from the premiere. if it is what you say with product placement, i will be so annoyed!

    Morgan- my friend Kim is 5’7″ and she loves the size 25cm. it may be used at night and doesn’t feel as cumbersome!


  15. Tina, I just saw the movie…agree with you on the LV bags..I liked SJP’s greenish colored limelight clutch in the movie and I have the limelight clutch in SALMON which was also from a limited collection. But i don’t care for the gold and black ones currently in the LV stores. I passed on the hideous Motard Firebird but I do have the original black motard..loved Charlotte’s travel LV case…I also noticed that they did a LOT of Chanel bags and some Fendi bags in the movie. I look forward to your post on the other bags featured in the movie..Ping..PS..I LOVED LOVED the 25 croc Birkin in the movie! I find that Birkins in 25 has to be in Croc or lizard to really stand out!

  16. I absolutely loved the movie, but I also noticed there was a lot of “subtle advertising” in it. The most obvious in my opinion was the DVF one. Carrie talks on the phone with Samantha while looking at dresses in a shop. When she ends the conversation, the camera zooms out and you can see the “Diane Von Furstenberg” logo, big and clear. A bit obvious if you ask me. Just like the (c’mon, it was more out front than a banner with “CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE”).

    I noticed a lot of Chanel, like someone else was saying (I got hooked up on that grey-silvery bag that Carrie uses when she goes to meet up with Jen.Hudson and her boyfriend…I loved it), the Gucci Loves NY bag (I was absolutely sure that bag will get featured, after all NY is the 5-th character), the iphone…

    Oh..and was it just me who found the “clothes selection scene” at Carrie’s place absolutely adorable? When she’s deciding what to throw away and what to keep and she tries on that lovely white dress which appears in the opening of SATC (the famous Carrie-gets-splashed-by-the-bus scene). I loved that one! 🙂

  17. Chanel should have gotten more credit in your innitial editorial. If LV sent it first and/or last is not the readers problem. Are you sure LV is not truly a sponsor?. Chanel Collector.

  18. I’m a Chanel lover as well, it’s the brand that I absolutely adore, so I totally understand what Tatiana is saying. However, I do understand the BagSnobs as well. In the movie, Louis Vuitton seems to be on everybody’s lips, it’s heavily featured so honestly, if I were in BagSnobs’ shoes, I would start with LV as well.

    I’m not an LV fan and I think that colorful $5400 bag is outrageously expensive for what it offers(I wouldn’t call it totally awful, it’s pretty young and girlie so I would probably pay a $500 for it, nevertheless not $5400, for God’s sake), but LV is still extremely popular. And, if you ask me, the fact that it’s featured so much in SATC will make it even more popular.

    I bet there were thousands of women out there who saw the movie, loved it and then went out into the first LV store to look for that bag. The media has this power of making you crave for things you see stars sporting. It’s like the charm of the stars and of the movie is projected onto those items. So…as sad as it may be, LV was more or less the “fashion star” of the SATC movie. It hurts me to say it, but that’s the truth.

  19. chanel was mentioned once in the movie but carried throughout. LV, however, was mentioned the entire movie and I think it should be featured but I am waiting to see you post all the other bags, too! because LV is not my favorite. i do suspect they were sponsors of the movie as was iphone, bag borrow or steal among many others.

  20. My lovelies, i just saw the film. Will be posting a list of all the bags I recognized.

    Tatiana– it is not your problem that I am at the mercy of PR firms and press images so I will take the matter into my own hands and start looking for photos on my own.


  21. Hi Bagsnobs. I just got this news alert:

    Breaking News Alert

    The New York Times

    Sunday, June 1, 2008 — 6:35 PM ET

  22. I don’t understand how you guys can both classify the same LV bag as both an “It” bag and “Bag on the Rag”. Just because it’s in Sex and The City? Or because the LV people has sponsored you a tour this month? Even if you neither praised nor criticized the bag in this post, you certainly did before. Where’s the consistency of BagSnob? What happened to your fearless commenting? I don’t think i’m the only one to notice here, but u guys have lost your edge and have gone “safe”.

    You have lambasted about this bag here:

  23. Hi Vee- I still do not like the Motard bag. It is merely showcased here as one of the SATC Style Watch bags– as many readers have asked us to report on the bag styles from the movie. We’ve already bashed on this bag, I didn’t think it was necessary to repeat as I am sure everyone would remember it. And rest assured, you will never, ever, see me gushing over it. 🙂

    The limelight clutch, however, is hot and I plan on buying it. Are we not allowed to like anything from LV? I’ve always declared my love of the timeless luggage and LV bag collection I’ve had for years. It’s the trendy and ridiculously priced bags from MJ that I have a problem with.

    And no, LV is not sponsoring this site. I am flying myself to Paris with my family for a long holiday and taking meetings while I am there. One of which happens to be the tour of the original LV house (in addition to lunch with Christian Lacroix, a tour of Hermes’ private museum and interviews with several French designers). I am very excited about the tour but it doesn’t mean I am going to start loving on the LV denim patchwork mess.

    I will,however, be purchasing the damier azure trunk and luggage pieces. love the pale gray shades.

  24. some of you readers need to chill. first you crucify and ABUSE bagsnobkelly for making a brutal yet honest observation about the consequences of years of smoking on the skin. fact is sjp herself has often discussed this in interviews, she says she quit smoking too late and started sunscreen too late. and now you’re blasting them for not being brutal enough.

    its just a bag blog! get a real life and go haze your s*&# somewhere else.

  25. To commenter Vee,

    It seems you have serious issues. I have to agree with Cali.

    the girls are merely reporting the bags from the movie in this entry. It’s not meant to be an “On the Rag” blog entry. Chill out and enjoy the wonderful reporting and photos they are offering us.

  26. i love the limelight clutch, and as a bagsnob-in-progress, have been saving up to purchase it! in gold please….

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  28. I just want to say that I personally LOVE the Motard Firebird bag and would have screamed if someone tried to give me it. It is gorgeous and perfect for a young person like Jennifer Hudson or myself. If I had the kind of money it takes to buy one, I would.

    I understand this blog is about opinion, I’ve read a lot of the comments and all of them say the same. I just feel there should be a difference in opinion.

  29. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know what color is the LV limelight clutch that SJP carries in the movie? I can not figure out, black, silver , other?

    Thank you

  30. Th Motard Firebird was gross and paying $5,000 for that spells brand conscious fashion victim! The only bags I was crazy about were Charlotte’s LV travel trunks and her feathery bag at the fashion show. Adored Lily’s Lieber cupcake as well $6,000 for that beauty.

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  37. think the bag is very cute and young. If I was in my 40s and had a 20 something assistant, and LV had sent it to me, I’d definitely give it to her. Carrying Birkins, even dressed down with jeans, do not make you look care-free as a young person should.