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Shu Uemura False Eyelash Applicator


Is the fear of messing up the false eyelash application keeping your from wearing them on a daily basis? Fret no more, if you love falsies you must have this handy tool in your back pocket for perfection every time. This tweezer-like applicator grips the lash in the perfectly curled position, ready for you to apply the adhesive and then allows super easy attachment to your pretty lids. It is such a cinch you will wonder how you ever went without it! A few helpful pointers, don’t use too much glue and make sure you use a stick to evenly coat the lashes with the glue. You do not need to push them into the lids, just gently place the lashes where you want them and let the glue do the rest of the work. These of course only work for banded lashes, for the individuals, you will still need to use a regular tweezer and be ever so careful. I have a hard time with those because I can’t get them to all line up properly. You’re supposed to use tweezers to press them into a neat line when you’re all done but that is actually quite impossible to do on yourself. I’m still mastering that technique. But for the banded lashes, I no longer need exacting technique cuz I got this secret weapon! At Shu Uemura online for $55.



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  1. This is GREAT… I’m definitely going to have to drop the $50+. I can’t even tell you how much I struggle with putting on falsies, and yet I LOVE the end result so much I hack through it at least weekly.

  2. if it really works, I would like to try.

    I can put on falsies myself, but I want something with precision. Like you have to look long and hard to tell that I have fake eyelashes.