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Ten Bags under $1,000

You asked and we listened. Here are Ten bags under $1,000 that you are always requesting. Not to sound like a snob or anything but who knew this price point was so hard to stay under? I cheated on one bag that was around $1200– it was just too cute to pass up. I noticed a pricing trend, most bags were under $600 or under $1200. Next time I will do a top 12 under $1200, that should be easier. I stayed away from Marc Jacobs bags and other obvious choices but discovered some cool indie designers along the way, this was fun! Enjoy~

1. Luella Agnes Shoulder Bag $920- this shimmering bag is an eye catcher, and the quilted snakeskin is so edgy and fun! Very 70s and London girl about the city. Metallic is a nice neutral for all the bright and bold dresses we’re seeing this season. At Net a Porter

2. Marni Leather shoulder bag $815- Marni’s signature art deco shape combined with distressed leather in eye popping green is a sure winner. For the uptown girl who has many art gallery openings to attend downtown, this is a bag that goes everywhere! Net a Porter

3. Manila envelope clutch $990- VBH remains one of the most subtly luxurious brand out there. A structured envelope clutch is timeless but updated in python, it’s fabulous! Net a Porter

4. Jill Stuart Handbags Bedford Emma Clutch $195- This effortless clutch is so simple and appropriate for many occasions. It is something you should buy in multiple colors and pack with you along your summer weekend jaunts in the Hamptons. At Shopbop.


5. Rebecca Minkoff Market Tote with Scarf $675- A favorite with urban girls, Rebecca Minkoff’s market tote even comes with a detachable scarf so you can whip it off the bag and wrap around your neck should you get chilly. Minkoff really knows her core clients, city savvy girls who won’t drop thousands of dollars on logo emblazoned bags. She goes for style, every time and comes up a winner bag after bag.

Rebecca Minkoff Market Tote with Scarf at Shopbop


6. Foley + Corinna Handbags Savvy Tourista Bag $575- Vintage cool never looked so hot. Designer Anna Corinna’s handmade bags combine her eye for vintage details and functionality. Grab the luggage for now and put the black suede down for Fall. This is a bag you’ll want in several colors! At Shopbop.


7. Botkier Stevie Satchel $695- New York based designer Monica Botkier and I had a lot to gab about when I visited her last week. We’re both mothers to energetic three year olds and shared many tales~ but you’ll have to wait for her Snob File profile to read all about it. For now, check out her latest, the Stevie Satchel in glazed taupe. Monica was sporting an mustard one when I saw her (and wait til you hear what she keeps in her bag!). The ruched pockets with magnetic closure is ultra functional not to mention an adorable detail that I’m sure her daughter inspired!

Botkier Stevie Satchel at Shopbop

Botkier Stevie Satchel

8. Boyy Drake Bag $792 – Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman launched Boyy bags in Spring 2006 and have built a name in the handbag world by blending function with luxury. I love the stylish and simple bags with little clever details and I know this is going to be a name to watch for in bags!

Boyy Drake Bags at Shopbop

Boyy Drake Bagboyyy2002721342_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831072924.jpg

9. Boyy Frank Tote $695 – If it seems like I am favoring Boyy bags, it’s because I am! Now this is the perfect laptop/magazine tote bag! Stick in your favorite fashion magazines and your laptop and you’re set to go anywhere any time!

Boyy Frank Tote at Shopbop!

Boyy Frank Toteboyyy2002013149_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831069650.jpg

10. Zambos & Siega Mini Monster Tote $660 – I love this bohemian cool flap style bag with ultra modern and sleek clasp. It’s so retro and hip. This thing is huge at 17″ so smaller girls proceed with caution! At Shopbop.


11. Temperley London Theodora Small Tote $1295- This is the extra bag I had to include. It’s more than the budget but oh so fabulous in summer white I didn’t want you to miss out! Alice Temperley charmed us with her whimsical frocks and now her bags are making waves across the pond. Love the subtle grommet details and cheeky side pockets. At Shopbop.


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16 thoughts on “Ten Bags under $1,000”

  1. You’re excused for including Temperley,Tina-in my eyes anyways. $1000 is around £500,can’t get a decent bag for less than that.$200 extra really isn’t much.


  2. LOL, Lina- you have no idea how hard it was for me to find bags in this price range.


    You know what, I am going to do a post on Five Luxury bags under $5,000. There, that will make me feel better.


  3. oh I bet! Being the handbags obsessed person I am,I search the Internet on a daily basis,looking for good deals on handbags all over the world and I still haven’t found anything that would combine style and low price in one.


  4. I like the Rebecca Minkoff, but just barely. I’ll wait for the under $5,000 list, because I gotta be honest, I’m not feeling these. I’d rather save the money for more of an investment bag.

  5. PJH, I Have to disagree. the bags are young and fun at an affordable price range. it obviously took a lot of thought and effort by the bag snobs and I am pleased they did it.

    I know for guys its about investments but girls just want to have fun. I like your site, by the way =)

  6. Jane, thanks for the kind words on my site! I see what you are saying, and I totally agree with you. These bags are definitely young and fun. I can totally see an urban gal about town facing the daily grind with any of these. To your point, for me, a guy, it is about an investment piece that will last a long time, is trendless. That also has to do with the fact that I am poor. 🙂 So, really, I should be all over this bag! I shouldn’t have dismissed the hard work put into this collection. BAGS FOREVER!

  7. Hey Tina…You should do an entry on 10 bags under a HUNDRED dollars! For all of us starving college students and interns, LOL…xoxo

  8. Tina, I’ve never posted a comment before, but I have to say that I LOVE your site! Not only for your fine taste on bags, but also because it’s so fun! 🙂

    I think both PHJ and Jane are right: some bags are classic and must last forever, and one should consider that when purchasing a Hermès or a Ferragamo.

    However, it kills me to throw away hundreds of dollars in bags for the daily routine. In this case, I’d rather spend my money on bags like the ones Tina selected for this post (although most of them are not breath taking, I have to admit).

    Anyway, maybe I’m lucky ’cause in Rio, where I live, it’s quite easy to find good and trendy bags under $1,000.


  9. anne, what a great idea! yes Tina, please pick 10 bags under $150. I am just curious to see what you come up with! =) XX

  10. I actually like the VBH and Jill Stuart clutches. Not sure how much the VBH one can hold but the Jill Stuart one looks promising, and yes it would be perfect for packing to a trip somewhere.

    Generally, I like how the bags have a very urban and contemporary feel to them.

  11. Tina, love the Boyy tote. Great picks, I know it’s hard to find good bags under $1,000. Trust me, this is my budget and I have a difficult time myself!

  12. Great site! I never thought that you would find such a great variety of bags under this price point. May I ask why you stayed away from Marc Jacobs?

  13. I’m sorry but I don’t think that under $1000 is a great deal. most of us get bags under $50 at decent stores.


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