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CHANEL Fall 2008 Collection (sneak preview!)


…ahhh Chanel! Have they ever steered you wrong? This new palate designed by Peter Philips (the new Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup) was inspired by none other than Mademoiselle Chanel’s legendary apartment on Rue Cambon. This fall is sure to be all about reflective surfaces and luminosity, so start hoarding your metallics –especially gold! This color collection is designed to “warm and flatter” the skin, and it does an amazing job of it. I, personally, find this refreshing from the usual deep reds and icy whites that fall usually brings out at the makeup counter (which turn me into a ghost, by the way). This palate seems a bit familiar to me, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…? Well anyhow, I know its still a bit early to be thinking about Fall, but this line doesn’t hit stores until July anyways so keep rocking the nudes and neons until then!

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