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Chanel Patent Calfskin Flap Bag


There is nothing quite like indulging in Chanel while in Paris. This is the second bag I purchased, it’s from the summer collection but I plan to use it in the fall. Summer hasn’t even officially begun yet I am already buying my autumn/winter pieces.(I also found a fabulous black Chloe baby doll wool swing coat that I had to have!) I’ve been searching for the perfect black patent bag for a long time. I loved the tri compartment black patent bag from Chanel a few seasons ago but it was too big and the chain too heavy so I passed. Good thing because this season’s version is smaller and has a new funky and lighter chain which is much better suited for me (but the bag is still quite large!). Check out how the leather is braided around the chain, very edgy and chic! The two cut outs on the front flap is also a clever way of showcasing the new chains. This will be my everyday bag in the fall, the front and back pockets are generously sized and easy to access but are secure with clasps. I can’t wait to use it so I took it out for dinner last night, with an all white outfit, the contrast was crisp and modern. Maybe it will be my summer bag as well! The Patent Calf Flap bag is around 31 cm and cost 2275 Euro. Call Jessica 01-5305-9895 in Paris or Alexis in US to order 214-520-1055! Jump for more pictures!


The unique wrap on the chain gives the classic a modern twist. See the little openings where the chains are? Another small detail that gives the bag further chic-ness.


I love the big outer pockets in front and back, it allows me to be efficient and organized.


Should you worry I am getting too dark with my color choices lately, check out the very neon green interior!



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  1. It´s always fun to read your blog Tina. Many times I like it more than the bags. Tell me what is the ìt´about these Chanel bags,aside them being classics? I have never felt anything when I see a quilted CC bag.

  2. Love the bag! All the details are fabulous and the green lining is so very fun. I need this bag for the fall!!!


  3. Tina, can you please enlighten us on how you travel? Wherever I go I seem to bring too much, but still not the right clothes. And feel as though I’m always “stuffing” my bags full whenever I’m done shopping and have to return home. How do you do it? And of course which fabulous luggage do you take with you??

  4. you say you’re going to use this as your everyday bag in the fall, but with as many bags as you have how often do you use bags and how many a year? how do you choose between the new ones you buy and the old ones you love? it seems impossible to keep using all of the bags in your collection!

  5. arianna, you caught me– I always say I will use a bag everyday and have every intention of doing so but the truth of the matter is I have so many bags I never use the same one everyday. My problem is I just love bags and love buying bags and need a good excuse each time, that being “it’s my everyday bag– I really need it!”

    CC- I am a good traveler. I always bring a half empty suitcase when I know I’ll be shopping. I stopped using my LV luggage set on commercial flights. I’ve had things stolen (even the luggage itself1) so often that I now use a non descript black TUMI set. I also bring huge Longchamp duffel bags folded in my luggage in case I buy too much and need more luggage space. The rule of thumb for me is no matter how long I will be gone, I bring enough clothes for 3 days, ie: 3 pants, 3 dresses, 3 tops, 3 tee shirts, 3 pairs of heels, 1 pair of flats, 3 sets of jewelry and 3 Hermes scarves to use as tops. I have found this to be quite efficient and even when I receive a last minute black tie or cocktail invitation, I have a dress and good jewelry.


  6. Mette– I can’t really explain the allure of Chanel bags… other than the fact that it evokes a snapshot of a certain period in time for me. Specifically of the chic women in my family whom I’d looked up to my entire life. I guess you can say I was groomed to love Chanel and even when they offer bags I do not covet, I still appreciate the history of the brand and how it makes me feel to be draped in a fabulous Chanel bag 🙂


  7. Tina–Thanks for the travel advice, especially the tip about 3 days worth of clothes. I move/travel quite a bit but it always takes me a long time to decide what to bring. I stock up on small things whenever I visit Japan so I have lots of travel-sized toiletries and accessories, but it always takes me a long time to pack clothes because I try to find items that go with every other item I bring. Maybe I’ll end up packing a few more things using your method, but I’ll save a lot of time that way.

  8. I should really take out my Chanel patent flap bag to use this fall or maybe summer as well. Tina is so right about this everyday bag. I always tell myself “I can use it everyday” so it is ok but I never do. It’s kinda like, if I buy this bag then I won’t buy another bag for… yeah, it never works out that way!

  9. jc- I forgot to mention I also pack for 3 types of occasions. casual day, evening glam and luncheon appropriate 🙂

    of course if I need something I didn’t bring, I go shopping or my hubby sends it to me via fed ex overnight. he is the best!

  10. Tina, Does your DH understand your love of handbags. Of course I assume he does, but how did you get him to accept that you absolutely love purses and that it’s okay to have multiple ones?

  11. lauren, I have been collecting bags since I was a teenager. by the time I met my DH I was a well seasoned bag collector. he knew what he was in for from the first date 🙂

    he used to buy me bags, too. the first bag he ever got me was a chanel. but he doesn’t like to buy me bags anymore. when he saw my purchases in Paris this week he just rolled his eyes and said I need therapy. lol .

  12. Tina, Let me tell u how much I LOVE U!!!!

    I say I will buy this bag and use it everyday, Ya right!!! I have sooooo many I never seem to carry the same one EVER!!!

    My DH also rolls his eyes and tells me I need threapy! He NEVER buys me bags!!U had me laughing when u said when u forget something DH will overnight it…Im in NY for the summer (DH will join us later)anyway I called my DH earlier today to tell him he had to overnight my dress for me that I didnt pack…he thinks Im NUTS!!!!! I to have been a collector of bags since I was in my teens!!!

    I must tell u this story…My SA at Neimans

    (a guy) (Chanel specialist) he has been my guy for years now…I LOVE LOVE CHANEL!!! have SOOOOOO many!!! not all bags excite me…just the special ones!!!!

    anyway, he told me a couple of months ago that in his 25 years of selling bags, I by far have THEE best bag collection he has ever seen!!! I was thinking to myself…I guess he has never met Tina nor kelly!! lol

    I still want that GD bag!!!! cant find it!!!

    PS…I can’t and don’t share my bag stories with anyone I know cuz they think Im NUTS!!! I am SO glad I have u guys to talk to!! lol

    ThX!! XOX

  13. Tina and B,

    I am laughing at our collective bag obsession. My poor husband has learned to say nothing about my ever growing bag and shoe collection. He just rolls his eyes.

    I want that purple python GD bag too. Luckily my mom will be in Paris next month, I will be sending her a long list of “i have to have this…”I just hope the bag is still available.


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  15. Hi JULIE!!! How lucky are u with Mom going to Paris and all….I know of No one going to Paris anytime soon!!! Can your Mom be my Mom for a bit and bring me back the bags? Yes I said bags.I want them in the ivory purple and the gun metal grey Tina bought!!! I will of course pay for them all!!! I NEED THESE BAGS I TELL YA!!! Im sick I know…lol…..Let me know if you end up with the bag…Im still looking to see who in the HECK has them here in the U S-OF-A..Thx


  16. hi girls,

    love our collective obsessing,too !

    I have been hanging out at Hermes as well and got a ton of goodies! no birkins this trip- I already have a dozen colors and am only doing exotics now– I have several ostrich and lizard and now waiting for my croc! will share the new treasures later, am in love with the lagon color, by the way!

    love you girls! xoxo

  17. OMG!!!! they showed me a lindy in lagon at the chicago store, i almost fainted!!! i love lindy, i love lagon, what more do i need?!?!?! benjamins!!!!

  18. this bag is very cool for chanel. i love it! tina, i can’t wait to see your hermes purchases in Paris! like lottie, i would love to hop over and be your bag carrier.

    how are you loving your Medor clutch? i am dreaming about that fabulous clutch. i think B is right, you have the best bag collection ever! i saw another blogger showing off her collection and it was paltry at best. her bf put it online when she was out of town but it was pathetic and uninteresting.

    can you please post an update of your collection with all the new bags of the last couple of years? i see it was in 2006 when you last did the whole collection!

    your loyal fan in the UK,


  19. Hi Tina!!

    Loving all your new purchases-question:does your husband reads this blog?? Kidding:P

    I was offered to be whisked to France today,yes,just there and then-now that’s romantic isn’t it?!

    I am afraid I disappointed the offerer a lot when I declined-that’s how grounded I am!

    Oh well,I’ll be in Paris this summer anyway,hoping to score some fab things and you certainly gave me few ideas Hun!


  20. Lina, funny you ask because just the other day while sitting at Costes having drinks with a group of people my hubby announced “I am going to start reading her blog. My friends tell me she makes fun of me all the time”. So funny right? And even funnier that his friends (male and female) read my blog but he doesn’t and has to get the scoop from them. haha

    Good for you, always travel on your own terms 🙂


  21. B and Tina…im glad im not the only person that is told they have a problem, and i need therapy…..but everyone need something to excite them!! Tina if I could be born again I would have to come back as your little girl….she will inherit some fantastic bags! =) Surely your DH realises you are building your collection for her!!!


  22. Sorry, but due to my blunt mouth, I must say this.

    B, why do you think that lying is amusing?

    Especially when it is oh so obvious.

    Get a life. You totally read what Tina wrote about her habit as a handbag collector as a teenager, and her traveling methods, and just rewrote what she wrote, but in an illiterate, superficial, and completely slurred way.

    Get real. If it weren’t for bag snob, and the fact that you have a mental disorder, then you wouldn’t even know what an SA was, and much less know what Chanel is?

    BTW, Tina and Kelly, I lovelovelove bagsnob!

  23. is this a fake?? its very hooker bag looking and i hate the zipper!! its defeats the whole perpose of the chanel bag://

  24. Hey Tina,

    I know this post is late.. What was the price of this bag? This is a BEAUTIFUL bag (I am so jealous)and I was just wondering how much this bag would cost me.

    (Love the site.. just happen to stumble apon it.. Lucky ME!!)