Gerard Darel 24 Heures Barcelona – Private Sale


Everyone loves Gerard Darel, especially this sporty and functional everyday Barcelona style. You can imagine how excited I got when I heard of this sale through ideeli. Not only can you get your hands on the bag that is seen on the most chic in Paris, it is only $380. Now the hard questions is, should I get the white or the navy? Both are perfect for the summer, navy goes with so much especially since I’m the jeans girl, so I should go for the navy. But in the summer, you can’t go wrong with white, it is amazing with absolutely everything. What the heck, just get both, at this price why am I hurting my brain over it? Again, ideeli has set up a special link for Bag Snob readers (because they are a members only retailer and you must be invited to join). Sign up to be alerted when this bag goes on sale sometime today. Apparently I gave away trade secrets when I told you when the Kotur sale was going to start. This time, you will just have to stay tuned. Can you stand the suspense?!!

7 thoughts on “Gerard Darel 24 Heures Barcelona – Private Sale

  1. Somehow these bags seem too baggy for me. They also lack that`something´.

  2. Jane H. on said:

    GET BOTH :]

    Seriously, every chic girl in Paris

    has at least one Gerard Darel bag!

  3. Josephine on said:

    I got the white Barcelona last winter in Nice and the bag snobs are so right, white is absolutely perfect for summer. It’s also my first designer bag and I’m so happy with it!

  4. Chiara on said:

    They’re both gorgeous! I love both the colors and the ties on the side. Now if only I wasn’t a poor college student haha.

  5. Charlotte Gainsbourg designed a whole collection for him,everything from dresses to bags.

  6. Scored one in Cream, thanks for the tip!!! I plan on picking up a few more of these bags in other colors when we visit Paris in October.

  7. Seriously, i own one also and its one of the best out there

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