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Gerard Darel Fall 2008 Ads


My friend Sasha introduced me to Gerard Darel’s North American PR rep today and we spoke at length about the line and the lack of merchandise here. We both pondered if the demand would be as hyped up if it were readily available in every street corner!?!? The answer will remain to be seen come next Fall as Gerard Darel bags set sail stateside. She also gave me the lowdown on how Eva Longoria Parker became involved (which will be another entry next week– it’s too long to write here) and a password to the Gerard Darel press page so I can get exclusive photos and info for you! So here are photos of the newest spokesmodel for GD– Mamie Gummer, 24 year old daughter of Meryl Streep and Don Gummer, shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in New York. I find her intelligent and quirky good looks to be vastly appealing, not to mention her mother is my all time favorite actress! The ready to wear is also from Gerard Darel– so retro chic! I bought a few dresses and pants for myself and my god daughter (the children’s line is tres adorable!) Jump for complete Fall Ad campaign!




All photos: Courtesy of Gerard Darel



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  1. Wow, thanks for posting this. Those are beautiful shots. I love those jackets!!! Any news on where Gerard Darel bags and clothes will be sold in the US?

  2. Hi deja su,

    Right now there are limited bags available at Shop Rumour– unfortunately the site had some bad luck with GD bags and earned a bad rap. The boutique owner ordered the GD bags she had posted on her site but they were never delivered! Darel’s priority is their own boutiques in Europe and Asia… so the US is being treated like a stepchild… sigh.

    I will keep you all posted as to the availability of the ready to wear and the bags very soon.

    Don’t you love those pants? They are so cool! I also got a few scarves and necklaces from the boutique. Inexpensive and stylish, I love Gerard Darel!

  3. Stick with the bags, Tina…..while I love my GD bag, and Mamie looks great as the new model, those high waisted pants are not happening. Every decade or so, fashion designers try to hoist them upon us. They don’t make anyone, even Mamie, look good. High waists belong to skirts, or flare pants. Casual pants should be left riding the hips. Period. (BTW, I’m thin, so no, it’s not about being a heavier set woman).

    Love you!

  4. Tina, Thx for the GD info, and YES keep us posted, dying to get my hands on that bag you bought from Paris…..I NEED IT SOOOOOOO BAD!!!

    Mamie looks great, MS is my all time FAV actress…

  5. I love Darel bags and I have the fabulous Midday Midnight in purple. I think I might also get the one shown in the ad, love the color, the size is perfect for me and the leather they use is fantastic.

    I also own some Darel silk blouses and really like them. Every season I buy at least a couple (of course I live in Europe), but agree with Sue, those high-waist pants are dreadful. I am tall and thin, so they probably would fit, but I just hate them. They are too 70’s (just like bell bottoms) and I never liked the fashion of the 70’s.

  6. Looked into my local G.D. boutique when the sales started last Wednesday and darn it, not even one bag on sale!

    I like the high waisted pants look, however when I try them on they don’t feel comfortable now if they are up to the natural waist. I wore them last time around (i.e., the 80’s) and I don’t remember feeling all bound up. I wear a size 4 or 6 so it’s not a question of too much gut tied up, I think it just feels good to not have breathing compressed.

    By the way, for those coming to Europe and wanting to hit the Darel boutiques. Try the “Pablo” boutiques too. He’s Gerard’s little brother store and Pablo carries a younger range of clothing but I still think it’s best suited for the 30+ generation. And, Darel is not cheap for a French woman Tina. It’s basic staples that don’t much go out of style, so a bit easier on the budget in the long run. Cheers!

  7. Uh oh, we have to discontinue auto publish comments,,,,

    Lina- that was not Lottie.

    It’s someone out of Australia who is using different readers’ names to abuse the comments.

  8. Lina, I dont think it was lottie who wrote those things about me…did you read the other couple posts?…If it wasnt this Veronica person then it must be someone else who doesnt want lottie and I to talk…(just saying)

  9. Lottie, Try for Vintage…

    They have loads of vintage couture including Chanel….click on decades, then click on blog.

    Happy Shopping!!

  10. Thank you, Tina and Kelly, for turning off the auto-publish feature. And, B, I appreciate your comments regarding topics our favorite Snobs post about but would like to encourage you and Lottie to carry on your conversations away from the blog. We are all here to get our bag fix from the girls –and the rest of those who post — and I feel your personal posts with Lottie are distracting from the community focus. Just my opinion and request. Thanks for hearing me out.

  11. B and Lottie, if you’d like– I can forward you each other’s emails so you may contact each other directly.

    We are waiting for our tech guy to turn off auto publish. thanks all!

  12. Hi girls, The bags are definitely the best from the GD brand. And the ready to wear items I like most are the floaty shirts and casual dresses. I got pants but not these high waisted ones in the ads though I love this look- it just doesn’t work on me. I am way too short to rock them but they look great on Mamie and on Kate Moss!!!

    BTW- they also have a distressed leather jacket that is the bomb!

  13. Wow just read Lina’s comment….my internet has been down at home for sometime so I only get to log on at work so Tina and B your right what ever colourful language or abuse was not from me!


  14. Just spent the whole afternoon when I should have been writing an article, researching where to find GD maxi dresses – I had written a blog post about the dress some time back and had people commenting and e-mailing, asking where. Not the easiest to find! Actually, the dresses are impossible to find in North America, methinks. Found some bags, though. Spoke to and they’re currently taking orders for fall GD bags – I would like the Midday Midnight in camel but it doesn’t look like it’s coming for fall in that color, and Ogilvy in Montreal has it for $1500! The other Midday Midnight bags are listed for just under $900, so I am not sure what the price difference. Does anyone know where to get this style in camel?