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Hermes Medor Clutch


Medor clutch at Hermes, call Craig– 214-528-0197, he has lots of colors!

A clutch by any other brand would merely be a clutch. The Medor clutch from Hermes, however, is a stunning piece of sculpted art with multiple functions to boot. I picked one up yesterday in ardoise (a beautiful shade of dark gray) with palladium collier de chien hardware and have not stopped playing with it (notice how chic it looks with the scarf as shoulder strap– transforming it to an instant shoulder bag!) I was going to wait until I arrived in Paris (Monday!) to get it but decided to grab it now considering the weak greenback against the Euro. My Medor clutch is made of structured veau box which will age and patina beautifully, it’s lined in chevre and has an interior pocket. A generous size at 11 1/4″ x 6″, my giant Hermes Kelly wallet ligne fits in it perfectly along with my cell and lip gloss. The hardware is actually adjustable and allows me a few more inches should I want to stuff my make up bag in there, too. I am a punk rock child of the 80’s; I love the chunky stud detail and have my eye on the Collier de Chien belt in black– which I hope to bring home from Paris among many other things. Have a lovely weekend everyone. I’ll see you in Paris! (Jump for more pictures!)


I love using scarves and wrapping a scarf around the clutch makes it an easy shoulder bag to run around with! The Medor clutch also comes in black box, chocolate, and several other colors with palladium or gold hardware. Call Craig, 214-528-0197, he just got a shipment in this week!


The back of the Medor clutch is perfectly sleek and chic. On days you don’t want to have all the metal you can flip it around.


The hardware allows you more room if needed, just go up or down on the bar and the clasp will slide down.


Chevre (goatskin) interior. The interior pocket for valet tickets, I always lose mine in a big clutch!


Fold your scarf from either end toward the center to get a perfect 2 inch strap to wrap around the bag. You can do this with other clutches but make sure it is structured so the center does not collapse.




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  1. Tina your on fire today with posts!!! I saw this in LA, i thought the grey was stunning and a bit different from the norm!!! Lucky lady I was tempted but I had already spent my money in ODLR!

    Enjoy the bag and Paris!!

  2. T, I really Love this clutch, I think I will be calling my Hermes gal right now!! Ok not right now, only 7:10 AM here on the West Coast!

    Are u ready for your trip?? OMIGOODNESS!! next week I am leaving for the Hamptons for 6 weeks and Im already strssed out…Packing, kids, flying etc…SO MUCH TO DO!!!! U will have such a great time, Im excited for u…I’m excited I get to go to the city to shop, HellO?? you are going to PARIS!!! thats OK. NYC is the BEST!! city EVER!!! I am NOT complaining!!I will go now…I feel as if I am talking to myself!!…lol

  3. P.S. Tina is the box calf similar shine to the veau box? Will this keep better than the Box calf? Your my Hermes Encyclopaedia!!!! = )


  4. Lottie,

    this is the same as the box calf- veau merely means calf in French 🙂

    I used to fear box calf because it scratches, but as I get older, I find it gives it character. Nothing is more gorgeous than a beautifully aged woman, same with a bag 🙂

    B– I am so excited, as you can tell. I used to go to Paris quite often but not since I got married and had a child. It’s actually been several years since I was there. I am determined my son will also speak French so I must go each summer for a month (he’ll also speak Chinese so I must go to Asia a month a year as well). I can not stand the Texas heat in the summer, now that my son is older, I can plan our getaways!!!


  5. OMG!! Tina spoke to me….YIPPEEE!! lol

    I know what u mean T..traveling with small children is no easy task…French is an amazing language (I speak it fluently)that was my first language growing up…I actually didnt speak english till the third grade..A bit of useless info 4 ya…lol…I lived in TX for a very short time when I was 12 and I know how YUK the summers are there…HellO?? NY not so diff with humidity and all…But its NY and I’ll take it…OK…need to take my son to school…..CIAO for now!!!

    PS…only 2 more hours to go b4 my Hermes call!

  6. This is SO gorgeous! I love a clutch. I love a basic clutch. I love a basic clutch exquisitely crafted and classically styled more. The hardware has been growing on me. It seemed a bit hard and random when I first saw similar motifs on other Hermes items, but I’m liking it now. I was reading some of the other posts, and I keep seeing ads for in the LA Times Image section, and my mother of all people keeps asking me if she can trust in their items’ authenticity. I know you always have to be careful, but as my birthday approaches, it looks like I may have enough money to drop for a basic 35 cm leather Birkin. If I doesn’t pan out for whatever reason in the store, I’m looking at other options, primarily Decades, and, who I sort-of trust. However, resellers can charge a lot more, which sort-of sucks. We’ll see.

  7. PJH

    Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll see what I can do…

    I am glad you are warming up to the hardware! I was obsessed with Adam and the Ants in the ’80s.. I’m a total product of MTV (it started when I was in 6th grade) and used to long for the studded belts and bracelets the punkers wore but of course growing up in a conservative Asian household was not conducive to be punk rock-ness so now I am indulging!!!


  8. Ok ladies…what I am going to write here may come as a shock, but please hear me out :).

    I DO NOT like Hermes bags. Yes, you heard correctly. None of them.

    I get the whole “amazing craftsmanship” and super-high quality thing and I totally respect that. I had the chance of seeing several Hermes bags and I agree they’re amazingly well done. However, the bags themselves don’t struck me as particularly attractive.

    You could say that it could be the age – I’m only 24 and these bags are kinda classic. However, I love Chanel, Burberry and classic bags in general, I never go for the flashy and eye-catching it-bags of the season. Nonetheless, I don’t like the Birkin nor the Kelly at all and I had the opportunity of buying a Lindy bag in Vienna (it was the most beautiful dusty-pink shade, I admit that), but I just thought it looked atrociously ugly. I looked at myself in the mirror holding it and it looked…wrong. I am all FOR original bags and shapes, but this one was just weird and impossible to hold in an elegant position. It felt like a kinky trapezoidal thing, a very unfortunate shape for a bag. At least in my opinion.

    This clutch doesn’t appeal to me either. I know it’s simple and basic-style, but it doesn’t have anything to attract me. It must have a certain charm, a certain “je ne sais quoi” to make it appealling It’s just plain. And yes, I get the good quality leather thing, but honestly…I find it totally plain.

    I do love other Hermes products. I bought the most amazing porcelain bowl (the large one for putting dried flowers and aromatherapy stuff, the exact word for it escapes my mind now) from the Cheval D’Orient collection and I totally love their dinnerware and all their household items. I also have some bangles from their India collection that I get admired for everyday (I think at least 4 people asked me where I bought my elephant-bracelet just this past week), I love the stationery products, the scarfs. Just NOT the bags.

    I just needed to say this, because reading all your enthusiastic comments made me at some point question my good taste. It was like “Okay…why do they all think it’s so amazing when I find it so…plain?”. I realized however that it’s a question of different tastes and that’s absolutely ok. And I will always admire the Hermes quality of bags, yes. But honestly…I doubt that I will ever find myself desiring a Hermes bag of my own, I just think it’s extremely “boring”, it lacks attitude.

    Okay…I’ve said it. I feel better now 🙂

    And I don’t want to sidetrack the conversation, but could you BagSnobs have a look at the Louis Vuitton Sachali bag too? I saw it this week here in London and, although cute and understated I may say, I found it terribly overpriced. 2130 pounds. Not with leather interior, but with SATIN. That is – FABRIC. C’mon…

    I would love to hear your opinion about that bag as well

  9. B…WOW the Hamptons I’ve always fancied tagging a few days onto my NY trips but here in the UK it never features in any of our brochures….where hot to stay New Yorkers spend the summer there!

    Also I’ve always wanted to know are there truely women referred to as Bergdorf Blondes?! Who are they? They sound so glamourous! =)

    I love lunching at Fred’s there Lobster Club with fries is YUM and i just love people watching!

    Tina..that is so kind to help out PJH I have purchased a Kelly from the London store and other trinkets but it was only when I went to Paris that I was able to order a Birkin, if when I return to Paris in August to collect my bag do you think they will be forthcoming in letting me order another bag? Any tips?!

    Happy packing and safe tip B and Tina!


  10. Tina, what a great idea to use a scarf to carry your clutch. I have the exact same Medor clutch (Bday gift to myself), now I need a new fab scarf to wear with it.

    Have a lovely time in Paris. It’s by far my favorite city…I am so jealous


  11. Tina, you’re a gem, and totally! I also get not being able to indulge in a stylistic aesthetic that isn’t congruent with the household status quo. Imagine being a boy who has ALWAYS loved purses! 🙂 It started with Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. She pulled the most gorgeous lamp out of it!

  12. Edgy,cool design-bar and clasp idea of expanding-genius! I know it’s Hermes so rude to ask but I’ll still will-what’s the price?


  13. to each its own. I am not a fan of the Hermes kelly bag but the medore is modern and interesting. I can almost smell the leather…. this is a bag I can see my self using. love the large size, too!

  14. Thx Lottie! I know can’t wait to be beachside

    I don’t know what is a Bergdorf blonde

    I am a blonde and I love to shop at Bergdorf

    but will research and get back to u!!!I am sitting here at the park watching myson play- waiting for my other son to get out of school-(its hot here) 95 degrees-and I’m on my Ipone logging onto bagsnob…how sad am I ?!?! U didn’t get your bags

    yet?!? Carrying my grey natural today

    and I love it!!!

    PS….Diana..I’m thinking with age you will love

    Hermes bags!!! I too have loads of their

    bangels and wear them everyday with

    everything I love them

  15. i find ardoise a little dull but with the collier de chien hardware it’s perfect! i can’t get over how beautiful (and functional) it looks with a scarf. Enjoy your stay in Paris!

  16. Hi Lottie, A Bergdorf Blonde is a novel written by Plum Sykes….She is from London who now lives in NYC…Its about women

    who are extremely Blonde, extremely Beautiful, extremely wealthy and who live on the upper eastside of Manhattan…and who of course shop at Bergdorf….I think this is a book I will be reading sitting under my umberlla while my kids are enjoying the beach…THX!!! =)

    PS…U MUST! pencil in a day in the Hamptons on your next visit to NY, perhaps for lunch, dinner,or just cocktails!! if u want I can give you names of a few place where u can go hang have a mojito(YUM!) and of course people watch…


  17. I always thought of the Medor clutch to be the funkiest bag that Hermes had churned out. Chic with just funk in it.

    Don’t just reserve it to night wear though. It looks great with day wear. I’ve seen a lady wear it with a simple white T-shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of heels with tidy hair and light make-up. She looked perfectly effortless!

    Actually, I love the entire CdC line – ring, cuff, bag and belt. Gorgeous!

  18. B..that sounds fantastic, am so jealous have a mojito for me!! Would love any tips that would be great, do you drive to the Hamptons?

    I have bought the Bergdorf Blondes sounds fantastic, thery really do exist then!!!

    Enjoy the hamptons and your bags hopefully i will be toting one next week!!!



  19. Hello darlings,

    the clutch is $4300… and it’s almost 12 inches wide so with the scarf, it’s the perfect lunch date with the girls or shopping bag!

    I am loving it, have been using it non stop!


  20. Lottie…I will so have a Mojito for u…No I dont drive to the Hamptons, Because I don not live in NY…But I do drive while in the Hamptons!!…does that answer ur ??? =}

    Thanks, and I hope you get your bags SOON!!!


  21. one word- Fabulous!!!! the hardware is softened up by the ardoise color, in black it would be too much for me. this is an exceptional piece. great choice!

  22. Yes thanks B, I thought you lived in NY, thats why i asked if its easy to drive to the Hamptons from NY!! Have a great time and be sure to send me some tips on where to lunch dinner, drink and stay when in the Hamptons!!!

    6 wks must be a nightmare to pack for!?!?


  23. Hi Lottie, YES!! packing for six weeks is a nightmare!!! this trip includes my 2 kids and husband…But NO WORRIES!! if I forget something Im always up for some retail therapy!

    lol…I leave in about 10 ten days, but of course will always be logged on to

    So look for me and my tips on where to hang in Da Hamptons!!

    PS…OMIGOODNESS!!!! if I lived in NYC it would prob take hours to drive to the Hamptons traffic is horrid…especially on the weekends.

    Well, Im off for a lunch and Kung fu Panda with my kids…Have a good rest of the evening for u in the UK!!

    PSS…Tina, The Ivy sounds just YUMMY right now!

  24. Bloody hell, that is genius, the scarf thing. I’m copying that with my Chanel… I love it! Oh and you should get the Hermes Medor watch, I’ve had mine for years and still love it to death. Punk-luxe at is best…

  25. Dear Bag Snob,

    I just purchased the Medor and love the idea of a scarf as a shoulder strap. What scarf do you have tied around the bag. It’s beautiful & think it compliments the bag greatly.



  26. Hi Deena

    This is an Hermes scarf with the leopard print. Ask your Hermes SA to help you choose the color best for your clutch.

    Don’t you just love the Medor clutch? Enjoy!

  27. m

    I can’t afford alot of bags but I treated myself to the Hermes clutch I’ve wanted for years. the simple black calf with the closing letter H


  28. After seeing a Black Box Medor clutch carried by someone while in NYC during Fashion Week, I am in love with this one!!! Have…to…get…one!!! I don’t care how heavy it is but this clutch is the perfect size and is totally FABULOUS!!!