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Louis Vuitton: The New Speedy


Limited edition Speedy in pink ostrich, $12,000. Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

While touring the Louis Vuitton atelier last week, I spotted a craftswoman working on something pink… something ostrich…. something totally Tina. I ran over to her and grabbed the bag out of her hand and found out it is the new Speedy (you should have seen me there– I was a wild woman running around breaking rules and taking photos of areas that no one, not even WWD nor Vogue have ever taken photos of before! I was shocked they didn’t kick me out, in fact, the LV staff was quite gracious and even offered me champagne– which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am sorry it’s taken me so long to put it all together but I promise to have it up soon!). I reluctantly handed it back to the stunned worker and watched as she meticulously finished off stitching the sides of the bag– it makes me want to buy this bag even more knowing the care it took to make it. Fabulous and stylish for those who adore pink (though I could do without that gold “Speedy” emblem on the bag), this is a lovely modernization of the timeless Speedy bag (but the original will always be available for its loyal fans!). It has a gorgeous structure without being rigid and the ostrich skin is superb. The size is around 30cm, it is fairly lightweight and opens to a large interior– a ladylike yet functional bag, in pink no less. What more could a girly girl ask for? At Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide in July. On a different note, I was invited to the Louis Vuitton Resort show in New York today but am still in Paris… sigh. So much to do so little time. I would have liked to attend this show, LV ready to wear is always so sumptuous and luxurious. Next time, next time….



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  1. I handled this bag in person at LV in Florida. It is beautiful, however could not deal with the gold emblem on the front. Thought it detracted from the whole bag.

    My SA asked if I wanted to order it and I declined-unless they can figure out a way to remove the big emblem.

    I did order an ostrich (in blue)- Bolide from Hermes in Paris- should be getting it soon.

  2. I like everything except the Speedy emblem. Why can’t they take it off? It isn’t just the size of it, it’s the colour too.

  3. Hi T, Im loving the bag! its PINK and its ostrich….right up my alley….I can however live without the speedy on the front!!!

  4. Why on earth went through their minds to put that hideous emblem on that bag?! It totally breaks the bag, and distracts the gorgeousness of the pink ostrich!!!

    If I were you, and bought it, I would totally pluck it out!!!

  5. The other option is to turn the bag around and use the other side. I love this bag, the skin is supple and flawless… the shape, the pink lucite trim, it’s all so great. Except that emblem… 🙁

    Lina- the chloe tote is definitely edgy but those chain links look really really heavy. I do like the industrial look of it, though!


  6. this bag isn’t really my style anyway, but i was sooo close to liking it, except for that emblem! seriously, text should just be banned from bags. it just ruins them. especially since it says “speedy,” it seems like it should be on the back of a ski boat.

  7. It’s Louis Vuitton! you expect them NOT to put words on their bags?? didn’t you see the joke bags? they’ll even put BAD SEXIST JOKES on bags! eeks. Unfortunately they’ll probably charge you an arm and a leg to REMOVE the emblem, otherwise it’s SO CUTE!! way to find something so adorable Tina in Paris! I love the bag and I loooove ostrich. I would order it, surely they can get someone to take off speedy, even though it is cute, It would probably be cuter if the clasp on top said Speedy in the retro feel.

  8. Tina,you’re genius! I didn’t think of simply turning the bag around! Lol!

    Thanks for replying,and how fast! As for Chloe,I am suffering already carrying Paddington,which I am quite fond of,so you might be right about the chains,probably to heavy to carry all your stuff!

    I do apologize for my spelling mistakes- I seem to have made a lot of them today-it’s the hay fever season-I lost my head and nose;/


  9. you know, the emblem grows on you and is kitchy and fun. but for $12,000 I need it to go away.

    love the bag, the shape, the ostrich is fab, maybe this is a sign of things to come at LV! at least it’s an improvement over the joke bag!

  10. sorry everyone, but blech. maybe i have to see it in real life, but judging from the photo-yuck! i imagine that when you open it up, it’s just a wide open space with no useful compartments, the only thing cute is the shape (just like the original speedy). i would save my 12k for hermes!

  11. I really dislike the regular speedy bags, but LOVE this one! Why, oh why did they have to spoil it though, with that nasty “speedy” emblem?!?!? It belongs on a vespa, not on a bag.

  12. I love it, including the logo. However, I’m a girl of organization, and I’d really love it if it had a tonne of inside pockets and compartments. If it did, it would be the perfect bag.

  13. Ipassed on this bag bc of the cheesy emblem. For 12k, I would be buying a much classier Hermes bag. But I do LOVE the color. Ping

  14. Ping, you’re absolutely right! I love the bag (minus the logo), but at the price I would definitely be heading to Hermes before popping into LV. After all, the love of a Speedy is fleeting, but Hermes love lasts forever. (giggle)

  15. in pink ostrich, this bag is quite eye catching. but…when handle it in person, attenions will be all on the BAG not YOU.

  16. I love this bag, I saw it in their look book a few months ago but my SA said that they hadn’t priced it yet. Now that I know it’s $12k I definitely will not be ordering it. I agree with Ping and Channy Burden – I’d much rather spend that sort of money at Hermes.

  17. This bag has such great proportions, I’m loving the shape! Do you know if they’re planning on making this with other fabrics or skins?