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Me by Mezhgan Makeup Brushes

BRUSHSET.jpgOne of my biggest challenges for my traveling makeup bag is finding A) brushes that are the right size to fit into a makeup bag that can be stuffed into my purse B) fitting the 6-10 brushes I need in, and still having room for makeup. —Which is why I was SO excited when I saw these amazing brushes from ME! The eye makeup brushes are DOUBLE SIDED!! Which means, when you pack three brushes you are really getting six! This is an absolute must-have for any Beauty Snob… and for a limited time they are offering free shipping =) Mine came yesterday and I can’t stop playing with them!

Eye shadow brush: Fine Line -$29

Eye shadow brush: Crease -$29

Eye shadow brush: Shadow -$29


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  1. the brushes are so cute.

    anyways, speaking of double sided brushes, i reckon there’s a set from Posh brush that consists of mini double sided brushes which should also full fill your requirements.

    i’ve ordered one of this set but it doesn’t reach me yet so i do not know about the quality. but the price is cheap!