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Nail Regenerator Serum from Talika


My mother always taught me that the three things you should always keep looking pretty and polished are your hair, your eyebrows and your nails. I try to heed my mothers advice, but being a 22 year old full time college student …and working …and trying to have a life can leave me rather distracted. This past weekend I moved home from my apartment, and all the cleaning and packing left my nails peeling and snaggely. Lucky for me I have Talika’s Nail Regernerator serum! After soaking my nails and cuticles in the serum for a few days, my nails had already noticeably grown and are looking much healthier! Nail Regenerator Serum is made from combining only three ingredients- myrrh, benzoin and incense. These powerful plant oils nourishes, hydrate and restructure fragile and lifeless nails. The oil comes in a pen with a clicking dispenser, which is very easy and mess-free to use, and equally hassle free to store -(I heated my pen in hot water to warm up the oil before I used it, to make my application extra spa-like!). This product is like candy for your nails, you will see a difference in just a few days…use it twice a week for a month and you will see a big change!

Nail Regenerator Serum $37.00


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