Phil and Ted Traveller


Travel season is upon us and nothing is ever easy so every bit of convenience is indeed welcome. The most worrisome of all travel inconveniences is the sleeping arrangement for the little one (let’s be honest, the toddlers are in the hotel bed with you). You can drag the Pack ‘n Play with you but that does not cover all the bases. First of all, it is heavy at 23 lbs. The new Phil and Ted Traveller is feather light at 6 lbs (without mattress), the fabric is waterproof and washable and there is a zip off UV shade cover (sold separately) for outdoor use and mosquito protection (going to Martha’s Vineyard and this was a major problem last time we were there). For me the most important feature is the opening at the bottom, I have a bad back so bending down to pick up my very heavy baby is not within my range of motions. It is also a great feature for outdoors use so your baby has freedom to go in and out. There are special legs to stabilize the unit for outdoor use. It is incredibly easy to assemble so no need to be fully awake when you do it, the mattress is self inflating! It is 51″ x 31″ so when they say it will fit up to 3 years, it is a good sized 3 year old at that. One less thing to worry about and that makes all my upcoming trips all the more enjoyable. Phil and Teds Traveller Full-Size Travel Bed at Amazon for $159.95.


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