Terax: Life Drops Leave In Protein Conditioner

I love leave in conditioner! I have super fine, long hair that tangles when you look at it funny, so I have become quite the connoisseur of products such as this. Most leave in conditioners have alcohol in them, as they dry they takes moisturizer out of your hair, in the end drying it out. Terax Life Drops do not contain any alcohol, but instead contain silk and whey proteins that leave your hair feeling soft and manageable all day! I have actually been on the prowl for a new leave in conditioner, so I was especially excited to find this little gem- I HIGHLY recommend this product! Added bonus: leaves your hair smelling clean and fresh all day!

Terax Hair Care Life Drops Leave-In Protein Conditioner 6.7 oz

One thought on “Terax: Life Drops Leave In Protein Conditioner

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I have been looking for a leave in conditioner that not only moisturizers and keeps hair soft, but one that does not weigh down my thin hair. And a protein boost – I think I will be buying this.

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