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3.1 Philip Lim Lotte Bowler


I have to admit, it’s the color that pulled me in. And it is called “ultra-violet”! How fab and apropos is that? It is not merely violet, this screaming bright color is ultra violet! And the bag itself is quite fab as well. The young and trendy bowler is a hit by itself but add those textured lines and the subdued black hardware, it is one hot babe! The bag is gathered at the bottom to give extra girth so you get to stuff it silly without adding bulk (except for the extra bulk you are adding, of course). Before you say yay or nay, consider that this is only $475, making this our extra cheap Cheap Thrill of the week. I have to be honest though, I have seen pretty badly worn Philip Lim bags on the street and I know they haven’t had it since childhood because the bag has only been out for one season. People beat up their bags pretty badly, but even so, a quality bag should last at least one season. But then again, I am really hard on my lesser bags – they don’t stay pristine like my precious ones do. Anyway, something to consider if you fall in love with this ultra hip, ultra cute, ultra violet sweetie. 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall Collection at eluxury.



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  1. i quite like this, especially the color (i am also i sucker for anything named ultra-violet.) i actually saw it while doing some online browsing just yesterday, and wondered if bagsnob had/was going to cover it 🙂

  2. Love the colour…i have a real thing for purple but i am not a fan of the bag one bit….I am still on the hunt for a purple bag to cure the craving any ideas Kelly?


  3. You might want to check out chanel’s purple lambskin flaps that are in stores now…they are gorgeous, of course you might want a cheaper option I don’t blame you I still can’t get over Chanel’s prices sometimes. Love the bag Kelly

    I also had a question about Adriana Castro that you posted yesterday. Is her crocodile very good and the craftsmanship? I really wanted her crocodile wallet but don’t want to be disappointed. Thanks!

  4. omg, i was just drooling over this bag the other day! so funny you posted this. i love the color but the handles look like they’d eventually chafe against my fingers… but the color is divine!

  5. Hi, I wanted to post where you can find the Chanel Purple lambskin, they make it in E/W and a Jumbo. I have seen both sizes and not sure if they made more. I believe it’s around 2800 for the jumbo.

    that’s the link to the actual Jumbo size from tPF member Savannah.

    otherwise you can go to Purse Forum’s reference library under “post your purple chanel’s here”. There you go! Tina or Kelly maybe you should do a post on purple bags…;)

  6. Thanks Lauren….love that colour! Seen so many gorgeous different purple colour bags i still don’t know which one to choose, at this rate i’ll end up withj none! =)

  7. Lauren…have registered on that forum so i could see the bags but it wouldnt let me said I was not eligble to view pics…what am I doing wrong? =(

    Tina & Kelly…you should have a forum it looks like fun! Like the idea of chattering about bags you maybe don’t post on or seeing peoples new purchases….I know Tina mentioned you where toying with the idea!


  8. Lauren, yes, the quality is amazing and the crocodile they use is the best there is. I love that wallet! I am tempted to get one too with our special discount. Maybe even the messenger in purple!! How ’bout that for a purple bag, purple crocodile, what can be more fabulous!! Although, nothing beats that Chanel in the most tasteful and luscious purple. Can’t do anymore Chanel flap bags though, not enough room in my closet for redundancy! But I am building a new bag closet! Yay!!