Snob Essentials

A “New View” from MAC

New View is one of my FAVORITE things I have seen, ever. A powder and a highlighter in one lovely baked, round pot?? AMAZING!! While I love playing with makeup and getting jazzed up to go out at night, during the day my motto is “less is more“. If my skin is having an especially good day, it is allowed out naked (with the exception of a little bronzer and skin toned cream eyeshadow). Other days I do a light powder or ultra light foundation to hide any imperfections and even out my skin tone. ANYWAYS– There are two reasons why New View ($26.50) has captured my fancy…

1) One package for two products means I feel like I am applying even less makeup. And therefore looking even more naturally fabulous 😉

2) The way the powder is “baked” makes it super easy and effortless to apply, leaving you looking like you were born with that flawless skin …even in direct sunlight.



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