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Adriana Castro Coco Crocodile



Top: Coco Messenger

Bottom: Coco Clutch and Adriana Castro

You are going to go nuts over Adriana Castro’s croc collection. It’s not that I am partial to Colombians (my husband is half) but they have the crocodiles so it makes sense that they should make the best bags at the best prices! Adriana was born on a croc farm in Colombia! Well, metaphorically, her dad owns a croc farm, I am sure she was born at a hospital. She grew up around crocodiles and has been dreaming up designs for these skins since childhood.

This messenger is what first caught my eye because there really isn’t an acceptable messenger that is ultra fab and functional at the same time, that is until this one. If you love exotic and the natural look of skin and leather, you can appreciate this organic design. It is casual and bohemian but sleek and sexy. The bull horn detail on the closure adds another element of the wild while maintaining a delicate and feminine feel. She uses only Caiman fuscus crocodile, which is of supreme quality (and what Colombia is known for). I can finally run around town with a messenger without actually feeling like a messenger! The Coco Clutch, also with the horn detail, has a totally different feel altogether. It is more of a classic and one of those amazing pieces that will suit your entire wardrobe, you can dress it up or down. There is still that rough look but definitely will work with formal, in fact, it will give your style some edge. It is also a good size at 12″ x 7″ (although it is flat). Adriana is giving Bag Snob readers a huge discount, 40% off, if you mention us. The Messenger is $1140 (retails for $1900) and the Clutch is only $870 (retail is $1450). To order, please e-mail Adriana Castro or call 1.866.460.4484. More colors are available, take a look at the entire collection on their website. Now, my only question is, why didn’t she use herself as the model, look how adorable she is!!



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  1. Not bad at all. Nice,bright colors and very affordable. The messenger bag would surely look great on the young ones!

  2. yikes! there is nothing sleek or sexy about that messenger. i think it might still be breathing! the clutch is cute, but i prefer the b. romanek rockstar.

  3. James, OMG!! U crack ME up!!! lolol….I swear sometimes I log on just to see what kind of come back you’ve got on someone…

    AnyHOOOOO!!! I too love the b.romanek rockstar

    (seeing that I own it in the purple) lol..

    These bags are Ok..checked out her site not bad. But dont think Im loving that messenger all that much…(OK not at all) :O

  4. I love the messenger bag and the clutch too.

    Looked at the website, totally loved the collection, will be ordering some of the bags.


  5. Dear Bagsnob,

    Please help me ,I need an advice from an expert.I am a big fan of your website.

    If i’m going to buy a Balenciaga bag ,what kind should i buy, the “City” or “the First bag”?

    if I decided to buy the “City” should I get one w/ the giant hardware?

    I would love to buy Chanel but my budget is only 1600.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon thanks so much!


  6. You have to see the messenger bag in person. I own it in caramel matte! It’s so sleek and functional. People stop me everywhere I go asking where I got it. Gen Art gave Adriana Castro the award Fresh Faces in Fashion for this collection. Adriana, congratulations. Love your pieces.

  7. The clutch isn’t bad, but the messenger looks like it’s straight from a small town art show. Yuck. Maybe it’s just because the bags are brown…I’m more of a color girl.

  8. I’ve been a total lurker until this post! What a fabulous find and fabulous share. I’m going out to get one ASAP, as I’m a professor, and so love a sexy bag to carry my school goods!

  9. After I bought one of her pieces in Worth Avenue, Palm Beach I was hooked… they are really incredible. The pictures are great but nothing compares to having this work of art in your hands!

  10. I won an auction in a charity event where she donated a beautiful coco clutch in hot pink (the one in the pictures)… I can’t stop wearing it, everyone stops me to admire it – unique style.

  11. All I can say about the messenger bag is , I think Tarzan wants his bag back, it looks unfinished and its just to much. The clutch looks alright. But go Colombia Latinos are getting somewhere.

  12. I know, the picture of the messenger looks a bit too caveman for my taste but that is why I put up the picture of it on the model. Seeing it in use definitely shows its beauty a lot better.

    Those who want to get one, make sure to contact them directly to get the special 40% OFF Bag Snob discount!!



  13. These bags are SUPERB!

    If Tarzan needs his bag back I am sure its because the bag made him famous! Can’t wait for your online boutique to open!

    Such a young business and designer and so many achievements! Felicitations!

  14. I have been waiting for this post! I’ve been drooling over her crocodile wallets all summer and now have an actual reason to inquire about them! thank you bagsnob kelly for posting about her. and I know she totally should be the model, she’s gorgeous! and I love her style, the messenger at first looks a little undone, but I can see how it would be more beautiful in person. ah, so want one and the clutch and a matching wallet!

  15. I am in love with her collection. Besides, she’s young, beautiful and has a great sense of style. Please be sure to request Fall 08 lookbooks when contacting them. These styles are not up in the website yet, and are to die for.

    I am ordering a few.

    Hey, by the way excellent customer service.

  16. Bagsnobs, thank you! I have been lusting after Adriana Castro’s Lady Zip Wallet for weeks, and after I read this post I emailed them to see if they could offer the Bagsnob discount on the wallet as well, and they have graciously done so. The wallet is being shipped out tomorrow and I cannot be more excited. Thanks again.

  17. Thanks Bagsnob for the great discount and thanks, Mindy, for mentioning the Lady Zip Wallet. I’ve also been lusting after it and was just wondering if the discount worked for that, too! I just emailed them so hopefully I’ll get my wallet soon!

  18. Hey, I called in and sale is over šŸ™

    Discount now ONLY applies to the Coco Clutch & Coco Messenger, the 2 bags featured here. Offer ends 7.31.08, so hurry, call in!

  19. Hey, I visited Adriana Castro’s new web site and they are having a sale!

    10% off on all orders.

    Offer ends on 08.24.08!