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NUVO: Chamomile Floral Water

cam.jpgThis spray is so refreshing! With summer in full swing, it’s nice to give your face a refreshing spritz here and there to lift your spirits and rehydrate. I received my bottle of Chamomile Floral Water just before I left for Alaska last week (which is beautiful, by the way). And because of the 3oz liquid rule I opted to leave it at home instead of taking the time to transfer some into a travel size bottle for my flight. It was about an hour into the flight when my skin began to dry out from the recycled air, and I sat wishing I had taken the time to pack it. For the rest of my flight, and the flight home I sat in longing for my delightful chamomile floral water! Keep it in the refrigerator for a cool mist in the afternoon. I will make this a permanent addition to my beach bag this summer!

-only $12.00 for 6.76 fl oz!!

***BEAUTY NOTE: Chamomile oil has antiallergenic, antiseptic, cooling, analgesic and healing properties; which can be used to treat sunburn or acne. You can also use it as a toner to remove excess cleanser and hydrate your skin.***


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