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Deja Vu: Dior vs. YSL


Does the Dior stamped croc tote for Fall look eerily familiar to you? I don’t think it takes a genius to see where its inspiration is drawn from. Not only is the shape uncanny to the YSL tribute tote (which came out last year), they even went as far as using a stamped croc leather, as if no one would notice?!?! So the handle is slightly different and they added an outer pocket but everything else (including the dangling logo) is too similar to ignore! I was discussing bags with a friend who is a director at a large fashion house in New York last year and she had said– “Everyone in the bag business wants to be YSL.” Apparently, Dior does, too. Of course, it could be er…. coincidence. As in, pigs fly south each winter. Dior $1,895 at eLuxury and YSL Tribute tote $1,395 at



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  1. T, U crack me UP!! lol….WOW, I cannot believe how much they look the same. I much more prefer YSL over Dior,

    (of course who would’nt)

    never did buy the tribute, everyone and their mother had one,I do NOT fancy stamped croc anything…Honey if it aint the real thing I dont want it!!!


  2. So funny-it was just this morning, I was looking at new bags in the LÓfficiel 1000 models accessories magazine, I bought some time ago and this same Dior bag caught my eye! Indeed, YSL is the best.

  3. L’Officiel 1000 models is the best magazine to see what is out there for fashion accessories. It never has many American brands but it’s funny how we will often see “inspired designs” a season afterward, and I mean on both sides of the Atlantic. That Dior designers would just walk down the Avenue Montaigne and see what’s up at YSL is hilarious.

  4. I don’t know if even Bag Snob girls could convince me to buy a Dior bag and this is disgusting YSL knock off. ‘Fashion Babylon’ is a great read if you want to see the darker site of fashion,I remember how shocked I was to discover that designers go to places like Camden in London,buy vintage pieces and literally rip-off the logo of the original maker and sew their own on! Ask any fashion editor about deja vu moments they have while watching fashion shows.

  5. hey girls

    all the bags that come out these days are similar to one another since no design is original.Everything is inspired by something.. do you guys really think that YSL bag was the first that came out in that shape??

  6. while i tend to side with daisy in that VERY FEW bag designs are truly original (but there are some – the romanek rockstar comes to mind), dior could at least have the decency to wait a couple of years and hope that we forgot that the tribute was one of ysl’s most popular bags last season. on a side note, why would anyone wear mock croc (just curious)?

    okay now i’m getting scared! so i’ve been keeping track and we’ve agreed that gucci, lv, dior and prada are out. and i think it goes without saying that valentino, fendi, and versace are soooo yesteryear. even balenciaga and marc jacobs seem to have fizzled out. all that’s left is ysl, hermes and chanel. i think we might have to have an open forum with all the big names to figure out what needs to be done!

  7. The Dior looks like crap.

    The Yves Saint Laurent looks great.

    I’d buy it, but its not my style, even though it looks like a very chic, and versatile bag.

    I love YSL. I hate Dior.

    Well the new Dior anyway.

  8. Oh puhhleeeezzzzeeeee, james. Let’s not make SWEEPING generalizations shall we… I buy what I like – period. I bought a Fendi man tote this spring cause I like it and it’s functional, and I enjoy the large woven Fendi logo. The messenger bags for next spring are great too. I seem to like Prada bags in the spring only (never have purchased a fall prada bag) – and the Prussian blue large leather tote next spring will be a must have for me. And I’m getting a Gucci tote/messenger this fall – deciding on the black suede or the washed out cocoa Gucci logo – I won’t have to worry about the rain as much with the logo. I mean come on, james – of the three you say are “in”, you could only buy from ysl – i say branch out!!!

  9. @manbag

    i COMPLETELY agree with you, except for the whole i can only purchase from ysl thing because i definitely plan on getting my hands on a 40cm HAC in brown croc. unfortunately we’re a dying breed. most bag snobs don’t just buy what they like. they follow trends. and the trend right now seems to be to cast away entire design houses based on a few (or in some cases a lot) of bad bags. for instance, most people just aren’t willing to buy a dior bag right now because it’s not “in.” if you don’t believe me just read some of the posts and comments from this week. according to other bag snobs prada, gucci and dior are “out.”

    p.s. i’m getting the gucci logo tote in cocoa too.

  10. I buy what I like as opposed to following trends and I don’t think Dior is out as a design house. The Babe Shopper and the Babe Satchel are chic, lovely and practical and the shoes have been to die for season after season.

    I also absolutely adore the Dior sunglasses I purchased about a month ago. I love them more than any pair I’ve ever had. Though the quality of the zipper on the sunglasses case has left me wondering if I’ll ever buy anything from Dior that includes a zipper again … but I digress.

    My first “big girl bed” had Christian Dior linens, so my love affair with the fashion house started early, and my affection runs deep. Still … other than the Babe bags I haven’t see a Dior bag I liked since about 2004. I try to love them, really I do. I just can’t.

  11. Looks like Dior is not the only one who was inspired by YSL. A McQueen has a very similar hobo in NAP. MJ has been copying Lanvin, etc,etc.

  12. Hey james, what fun with a Hermes 40 cm HAC in croc!!! Do send a pic to Tina and Kelly when you get it – would love to see it!!!

  13. Definitely love the YSL. I think Dior’s one is quite ugly plus Dior bags are too expensive for what it is!!

  14. I dont actually like either of them.

    I hate croc (rather corny IMO) and im not crazy about the style ; the YSL isnt bad though. But honestly, theres no such thing as an original bag these days ! Everything is copied off some bag or another. Though I really dont like Dior. It always looks very grandma-ish to me. (My grandma does actually own a lot of Dior, now that I think of it).

  15. I love those bags! so adorable. for more bags like those but totally orinigal looks, check out