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MAC: Electro Flash really POPS!!!

Why, OH WHY did this not come out earlier this summer!?!? I love, love love this new collection from our amazing friends over at MAC! The baked eyeshadows are genius, I love that I can now basically get two eyeshadows for the price of one.I am really excited about all this baked makeup, as it is so easy to apply and blend (which is what MAC eyeshadows are famous for in the first place, right?). And the colors, oh the colors!! If you are looking for a way to wear colors during the day and not look like a hooker, I suggest starting by lining your bottom lash line (under the lash, not on the wet part) with something unexpected…like green or purple, and blend down. The lip colors are a great neutral compliment (Vanity’s Child is my favorite!)… Pair it with Odd Couple eyeshadow and look like rock royalty! xoxo


“Short-circuit expectations. X-ray vision means you see ahead of the rest. Electricity is our most precious resource‚Ķeverybody, electrified! Light up this world, and the next!” –Electro Flash


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  1. Ok, if you cold only get ONE of the new Eletro Flash eyeshadows, which one would you get? I’m having a hard time deciding and I’m just not going to buy them all like I want to! Its hard to tell what they look like on the website cause they don’t have actual models wearing them, just the face cards…I hate that!

  2. Jenni,

    mmm…thats a tough one! If your brave go for Hot Contrast, its perfect for going out. For everyday wear I would go for Love Connection because its something everyone would get a lot of use out of =) —either way, enjoy! It’s a great product and lots of fun!