Snob Essentials


If you knew my boyfriend, then you would know why the name of this company first sounded like an oxymoron to me. His usual “grooming” routine involves a bar of soap, and thats it. Lucky for us he agreed to use them for a week and tell us what he thought about them. =)


IMG_0167.JPGRicks Review:The aftershave stuff (Soothe the Shaven Beast) felt pretty good. You don’t have to use much of it so it will last a long time. It wasn’t oily. The actual liquid is thin, its not thick like lotion. Smells pretty good too.The hair gel (Iron Grip) was OK. Its doesn’t really have much hold and is not very thick (that can be good or bad). If your hair is longer you will need to use a big dollop of the stuff because its pretty thin, which means it could run out pretty quickly. One other thing, was because it was watery, when you open the cap it kind of goops all over if its been turned upside down. I guess the downside is the label says “strong hold hair gel” and its really not strong. This is light/medium hold hair gel.

ii.jpgMy Thoughts: I like the fact that it wasn’t sticky! It means that if I touch his hair my hands aren’t left with disgusting goop all over them. Plus, the packaging was really clever and their website is cute too! And if one of your chief complaints with your man’s aftershave is the overwhelming smell that most of them have, you will be happy with the light birch scent the aftershave leaves behind- very manly =)



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