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Miu Miu and Fendi Giveaway Sponsored by

Congratulations to our winners! Fendi – Rachel F. of UTAH

and Miu Miu – Anne B. of Alabama


Choose the Miu Miu Ruched Frame or the Fendi doctor bag

For June, we have teamed up with, the fabulous online retail site for global fashionistas, and we are giving away 2 bags to 2 lucky winners! And these are not just any 2 bags – they are the Miu Miu ruched frame in divine purple (which is sold out!) worth $1595 and the Fendi doctor bag in summer white worth $1680. They are 2 of the seasons most coveted and absolutely perfect for the summer! This giveaway, generously sponsored by, works a bit differently than usual, just log on to the special Bag Snob giveaway page and fill out the entry form. Make sure to choose which prize you would like to win, we are giving away both but to 2 winners. This contest is open to everyone in the world, yes, that’s right, finally an international giveaway, yay!!!! The contest will end on July 2nd at 11:59pm EST. Good luck.

Thank you, our favorite online retailer, for the incredible sponsorship!



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  1. I entered! I love the Fendi doctor bag. Tina, still thinking about what I’m going to get at Hermes, come the end of the month. I am thinking a Paris Bombay bag, but I figure for that much money, I may as well save a little longer a get a Birkin, right?

  2. I am going to enter right now!

    How fabulous that Net-a-porter recognizes you as the “Impeccably Chic” Bag site!

  3. We agonized over which bags to pick for our two winners. There are so many yummy bags to choose from on!

    I am lusting for that Fendi doctor bag, I have the Fendi origami jacket in both black and white and this bag is perfect for both!

    I wish I could enter to win 🙂

    Good luck everyone! xoxo

  4. hi bagsnob… i need your help again. i’m still confuse with which bag should i buy. i got 3 options between louis vuitton speedy bag, a luella bag -i dont know what type- or a miu miu bag -the one with plastic chain straps-

    oh,,yeah, im only 20, so i dont want something to formal.

    do you have any suggestions??

    thank you so much bagsnob


  5. finally an international give away!

    more than the give away factor its just nice to feel a little more included:-)

    I’m from India and i have been following your blog for-ever! You guys are fabulous! congratulations for everything you have achieved and thank you!


  6. Wow!!! I entered….Sooo excited! Just pickin’ out a bag gives me such a thrill! Thanks Bagsnob!!!

    I need help…I am in a dilemma looking to purchase a bag right now. I am soo confused because there’s soo many options out there. I want a large white hobo…such as the Miu Miu Matelasse $1590 in White which I can’t find, Miu Miu Stamped Croc Tote but in a light grey color, The YSL Rive Gauche Tote crocodile-embossed in white patent leather $1895 which came in black as well which I think is as gorgeous. I especially like the long adjustable strap in these bags…soo boho chic. I originally wanted the Gucci Large Horsebit Chain Leather Hobo in a beautiful Ivory color, $1695 but It looks too plain for me, like there’s something missing. I love the YSL Muse bags as well.

    I need fashion and function. I’m a mom of 3 boys all under the age of 5(4, 3 and 2 months old) so I need a large but stylish bag that I can carry while running after my boys. =)In addition, I want a handbag that I can use for a loong time…Even when I turn 40(I’m 29 by the way). I have a budget-under 2k so this is important for me because I only buy once a year….. Tina, anybody..Please help!!!

  7. Am retired and check out your site continually. Want to win this bag and give it to my daughter for her birthday. She would not even dream to have such a beautiful bag.

  8. Hi, I’m your avid follower from Manila, Philippines and I’m entering for the white fendi bag. I’ve been looking for a great white bag and this fendi bag is just sooo perfect for me. Don’t ya think so?????

  9. Hey, I am from Malaysia. I am so so glad there is an international giveaway contest for me to enter. I am much interested in to having a bag so lovely like the Fendi doctor bag.

  10. iam really hoping i can win the fendi bag because i love it even if i just saw it in the picture i know its perpect for me..goodluck to all of us..

  11. This is nice. Those bags are wonderful and winning it is once in a lifetime. I wish I’ll win for my daughter to become happy.

  12. Definitely the white Fendi! I’m pretty short, 5’1”, and bags that are taller than they are wide like the Miu Miu are awkward on me. I need east west bags, bags that are wider than they are tall. I actually tried to google for the definition of an east west bag but couldn’t find it… because does that mean there are north south bags? Anyways, love the white Fendi! It’s perfect in every way…

  13. It’s the Miu Miu for Me Me! Although they are both just great looking bags. If I won I guess I would have to buy a new pair of shoes.

  14. Hi,

    I live in Pakistan and it wasnt even on the country list for international bag contest, not even an “Other” int the country list:( We buy bags here also and esp online as not all the brands vaiblabe here.


  15. What amazing bags for a giveaway! I love them both but I’m hoping for, wishing for and dreaming about that purple Miu Miu!

  16. I am Anne from Alabama and I won the Miu Miu. It is great and I am thrilled! My daughter and I will share it. Thanks so much!