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Rain Coat for you Bags!

bagraincoat.jpgI know this is not the cutest thing but before you hoot and holler about how gross this looks, think about how beautiful your most precious bag is (Tina and your new croc birkin). And now think about torrential down pour on your bag. Yeah, that’s right. I have used things that look worse than this to cover up my bag in times of peril. Rain Couture is a plastic bag that protects your darling bag and it folds up and tucks itself into the front pocket for convenience. It comes in 11 colors but none are going to be nearly as cute as your least favorite bag, not even the Coach patchwork bucket tote your mother in law gave you for Christmas =) You just have to grin and bear it until the sky clears. The small is $69 (17″ x 15″) and the large is $79 (20″ x 18″), check them out at Rain Couture. I hate to follow up Tina’s awesome post on Croc Fever with this thing, so make sure to keep scrolling down to see it!



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  1. This is too precious for words. What’s the point of wearing a bag in the rain if it can’t get wet? In any event, this is why we have umbrellas and cabs. I’ll accept that a special case could be made for certain very delicate materials (although I would have thought that crocodile would be both robust and resilient), but then you ruin the effect of them by using this garish thing. If the weather is too rough for your bag, then take a more appropriate one. At the risk of sounding like an exasperated Dad, there is no such thing as bad weather; you’re just wearing the wrong clothes.

  2. These looks like 2 bags join together that Chanel plastic bag with the gold Gucci print. Its hideous, I rather have my bag get wet.. By the way there’s water resistant leather incase you guys want to know.

  3. I think this is the funniest yet unconventional idea I have come across. It’s an innovative idea, I must admit, but, eh, I really would rather get my bag wet than tote around that.

  4. Saw rain couture while watching the Today Show – great concept I can stop using food store bags to protect my Chloe bag..where i live you dont always know when the next downpour will come. Looking for an umbrella to match!

  5. This is too funny. I just made an entry on my blog about the 10 ways to know you’re a bag addict and one of the ways was that you carry a plastic bag where you put your bag when it rains! Hehehehe! This is a great idea!

  6. Why not just use plastic shopping bags and put your purse inside it during the rain? That’s what i do now in Hong Kong during rain season. Stash a big one in your bag at all times in case you need to carry something extra or rain hits 🙂 I find SOGO bags to be the best, with plastic top handle, square shape and sturdy but I’ve used bags from brands like Esprit as well :)!

  7. There are also utilitarian shopping bags from Muji in solid earth colors that fold up into the size of a very tiny umbrella that fits in your purse. It comes in two sizes. It’s also washable and can be used as an extra shopping bag also.

  8. Sorry to say but this is truly one of the poorer ideas out there. Not only does it look ridiculous but the price leaves little to desire. There are many other cute options as mentioned above that are less tacky and leaves more money leftover for the bag you’d want to protect.

  9. I think this is a very cute bag and a great idea – all of you who said it isn’t have no fashion sense – this is simply a cute bag for the rain and there is nothing NOT nice about it. whoever said using a plastic bag is just as good has no class – yeah, I want to put my designer bag in a grocey plastic bag – Yuck and how tacky! You will look real good out on the street like that –

  10. I LOVE Rain Couture! I think it is a great idea & so did everyone on the TODAY SHOW!

    Why would anyone want to use a plastic trash bag? It makes a great gift item also! I wish I thought of this idea! It is disgusting to write negative things on a positive idea!