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5th Avenue Bath co.

“take a beauty filled stroll down 5th Avenue”


I have a personal issue with dry, calloused feet (gross, I

know). But the calluses come from my hiking hobby and at this point prevent me

from acquiring any new blisters, so when my pedicurist asks me if she can

remove them I say “leave ’em on!” This doesn’t however, mean that I like my

feet to fall into a state of disrepair. 

So I have a heavy handed supply of exfoliating scrubs at the ready in my

shower. It’s hard to get the perfect exfoliator, really, and I think I have

come damn close with Tootsie Tune Up ($20 for an 8oz jar) from 5th Ave

Beauty.  I love the course, thick

consistency -perfect for the heels and balls of my feet! It makes the skin on

my feet feel soft and pampered while allowing me to stay protected from  painful blisters. Follow with Foot and Leg

moisturizer to give your feet a minty fresh feel =)

Also, I have been using their Pillow & Linen Spray ($8 for 2oz bottle) a

couple times a week and it is so refreshing and relaxing to fall asleep to a

light clean scent! Plus, their spray is Alcohol free which means it won’t stain your pillow case!!


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  1. I am glad I am not the only one who tells them to leave the calluses. I learned the hard way when I ran one time after they all had been smoothed away. No more. Thanks for the tip.