Anastasia Eyelights Shimmer


When I was on TV, I learned many tricks from my make up artist, all of which I still use today!  One of my favorite tricks is highlighting my brows both under the browbone, and above the brows.  This gives depth to the brows and makes you look youthful and we can all use a hefty dose of looking younger can’t we?  I usually use a shadow to highlight those areas but discovered Anastasia’s Brow highlighter pen, which is so much easier to use and control!  Shadows inevitably end up on my brows which is annoying but this pencil allows me to highlight without a mess!  Even better that you can also use it as eyeliner or anywhere you want to highlight on your face!  I keep this in my make up bag for instant pick me up when I’m feeling haggardly.  $21 at Anastasia’s boutique in Beverly Hills or order it online!  

One thought on “Anastasia Eyelights Shimmer

  1. do you mean to draw right under brows? sounds interesting.

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