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Bag Snob Giveaway: Gerard Darel!

Congrats to Shannon, #258, you won the random computer drawing!


It’s my birthday this week and what better way to celebrate than to give away a fabulous treat from Gerard Darel! The Barcelona clutch/wallet in distressed glazed leather is the urban girl’s answer for daily errands or nights out on the town (notice the disco wristlet strap!). It opens to a roomy separate center zippered compartment, three cash slots and eight credit card slots. All you have to do to win is tell us: How often do you visit Hourly? Daily? Two times a day? Weekly? Monthly? Please be honest – winner will be chosen via random computer drawing on Friday August 22nd (the night of my birthday party!) at 11:59PM EST. Open to everyone, international readers welcome! Have fun and good luck!!!



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  1. Twice a day! Before going to work in the morning, and after dinnertime before going to bed. I’m a guy by the way but I still love checking out your posts.

  2. 4-5! Once when I first get into work, again just before my lunch break, a quick check just before I leave work, and one to two times before I get in bed. I’m always excited when I catch a new post!

  3. It really varies, sometimes I forget to check in for a few days, other times I’m here three times a day. I guess it averages around 1-2 a day.

  4. The 1st thing I do when I get to work is not get coffee and read emails but open the Bagsnob site to see what you ladies are talking about. I read the site at least 3 times a day. Work is always gonna be there but the “IT” bag may not!

  5. Daily! Sending a big hello from a fellow asian girl who is obsessed with bags but unfortunately does not have a bag snob account to cure the addiction πŸ™ You ladies keep me on top of the new bags that come out and keep my choice of bags classy. Love your site!

    Z xoxo

  6. i definitely come under the twice a day category

    its bookmarked i have it on my tool bar right next to ‘latest headlines’:-D

    P.S-love the work you guys are doing!

  7. I’m in sunny Singapore, so the differing time zones means I’m obsessively checking for updates. Sometimes up to 3 times a day. But it’s always nice to be greeted early in the morning with bag candy.

  8. Twice a day. First thing in the morning when I get up while checking email and facebook, in the evening after I come home from school/dinner :))

  9. I’ll be honest, I can’t count. Some days it’s twice, most days it actually is more. Most likely because you all remind me of home and the glamour of this website brings me back there. Someone could predict that once I arrive back I may slow down on my visiting the site, but at this point, I think I’m an addict. =)

  10. I’m obsessed…..just can’t get enough of oohing and ahhhing at the fabulous bags and comments posted!!! I would say I definately average more than twice a day! But it’s a much better habbit than smoking!!=)


    Tina…still awaiting your GD post on Eva Longorias bag wardrobe?!

  11. I visit bagsnob pretty much on an hourly basis. From the second I come into work until I leave and then I check it again on my blackberry on an hourly basis again. Some say it is a problem I just call it the love for bags.

  12. Bag snob is on my RSS feed so whenever there is a new post…I’m here! Even if there is not a new post, I go back and read my favorite posts. So yeah…I’m addicted at least 5-6 times/day.

  13. i visit bagsnob at least one a day every workday and including the weekends. it’s a great relief from my generous-paying, incredibly-uncreative job.

  14. 2-3 times per day. With my morning coffee, then a second time in the late morning early afternoon which is invariably interupted, so I almost always come back a third time. I always thought I was a lone obsessive, I see from the answers above there is more than one compulsive snob!

  15. I check at least 3 times a day! Once when I wake up, again when I done doing errands and things and right before bed. Usually I checked everytime I am at the computer!

  16. I like to look as soon as I get in in the morning, at lunch and possibly before I leave work for the day – just hoping there will be more of your fabulous posts!


  17. 2-3 times a day, at least! I have it bookmarked and some days it’s just so hard not to keep clicking the “bag snob” tab πŸ™‚

  18. I read this blog constantly! I usually have it open all day and refresh it every few hours to see if there is a new post πŸ™‚

  19. There are some pretty naughty office workers on here… including me! I usually visit once a day if not twice. But I take the weekends off. πŸ˜‰

  20. Every morning before work, and then throughout the day to see if anything new is up. And then on weekends me and my girlfriends will look together and discuss

  21. I visit 2x per day. Something told me you were a Leo. My B-day is next week also, and I hear all the time I am a True Leo.

  22. Usually three times a day. In the morning before I’ve had my coffee, around lunchtime-early afternoon and once late evening.

  23. I am an intern at an office and find myself incredibly bored 90% of the time, so I check out the site on my blackberry everytime I am about to pass out, it perks me up everytime.

  24. I don’t feel as bad now. I check Bag Snob at least 5 times a day! Before work, at work, at lunch, during the afternoon and before I go to bed.

    Would you entertain doing more than two posts a day? We can’t get enough!

  25. OK…NO ONE LAUGH!!! but I do check it hourly..

    (Hi, My name is B and Im a bagsnob-a-holic)

    Hey!! I’m a stay at home MOM!! what can I say!



  26. I’ve added the RSS to my google reader and I’m on there 3-4 times a day…so whenever I see something added I come check it out!

  27. I would say I check it hourly. I like to check for new posts and also I like to read the comments. I feel like I know some of the people who comment frequently. When I start to talk to my husband about the Bag Snob he says your obsessed with this blog!

  28. First thing in the morning while sipping my coffee and last thing before I head to bed! Would hate to miss a thing!

    Happy Birthday! Have a great one!

  29. Daily.

    I check out the other snob-series websites as well when I have more time, but Bagsnob remains the core of my daily rituals.

  30. Ooo I’m in love with that clutch!! I visit your site once in the morning and once at night, to make sure I don’t miss any updates πŸ™‚ Happy early birthday!

  31. At least twice a day. I write copy for an online vintage accessories store, even though nothing we have is quite as fancy as the lovelies you post (though just as special!), your comments and descriptions give me tons of inspiration, and I love daydreaming about what would look perfect with my outfits everyday!

  32. Thank you so much for letting this contest be open to your international readers! πŸ™‚

    I visit the site 3 or more times a day. I’m hopelessly addicted!

  33. I usually visit whenever my RSS feed shows me a new post is up, unless you’ve featured a bag I’m lusting after, then I visit obsessively all day long to drool.

  34. YAY! Finally I can participate in a bag giveaway.

    I love bagsnob and visit the site religiously twice a day, at least. Sometimes even from the office. Who are we kidding. Usually from the office ;o)

  35. i can’t even count the times a day i visit. once right when i wake up, and if its before noon then again at noon, then like 3 times throughout the day in boredom and hopes of an extra post, and then right before bed. i have no life except a bagsnob life

  36. Yes, darlings. I am an attention loving Leo πŸ™‚ So perfect for my current career as fashion blogger! Wow– I guess we better get our buts in gear and start offering more entries each day.

    My question is, how do you feel about guest bloggers? You guys don’t seem to respond well to other writers….

    thanks for visiting our site so often, we hope to keep you entertained for many years to come πŸ™‚


  37. I read BagSnob at least twice a day – when I first log in in the morning and then before I go to bed at night. That way I can go to sleep with dreamy bags on the brain. Thanks for all your great articles!

  38. once a day :]

    but only because i’m interning the rest of the day, trying to get into the fashion industry (particularly in the area of accessories design, in which i will pursue at FIT this semester) !

  39. It’s an obsession and addiction to breathe my day through so I visit it at least 2-3 times a day if not more to stay sane. I hope I win this Barcelona cluch so I will not have gone mad :-).

  40. Tina, ‘Happy Birthday’ in advance from an Asian Leo (my birthday’s on 12 August!)

    Bag Snob is my computer’s internet homepage URL, so whenever I am at home and logs into the internet!

    (Bag Snob is my holy grail and I’ve just bought a Gerard Darel bag & will get my hands on one of the python 24hr Barcelona bag when I have the chance! Ur’s is to die for~~~

    I LOVE Gerard Darel!!!)

  41. I do it on my desktop when my eyes need a break. I’d drop by again and again until there’s an update. And updates here happen like the daily news so I rarely have to go through the archives. If I’m running around, there’s always the pda. Bagsnob is my full time fetish.

  42. I visit every evening after putting my son to bed….it so fun to add to my ever expanding bag- wish-list after a long day!

  43. Maybe 2-4 times a day, everyday. I’m addicted. I even went through withdrawal that time your server was down or something and there were no Bagsnob updates for days. I have flashbacks about it… It was horrific. In short, I love you snobs!!! Are you a Leo, Tina… No wonder you’re so “fierce”! Happy early b-day πŸ™‚

  44. almost hourly from 8-6pm monday to friday (i don’t check on the weekends to let posts build up so i can enjoy over my eeearly monday morning coffee)!!

    it’s the only thing that makes this internship bearable! <3

  45. Usually 2-3 times a day. Always in the morning when I’m getting ready and once more when I come home in the afternoon. Sometimes I’ll visit again in the evening.

  46. I accessed the site everyday and since I have google reader open in my internet explorer as the default site, I get updated right away once Bog Snob has a post. I get to read right away.

  47. I visit every hour, I’m as obsessed with the bagsnob website as Tina is to bags. I also check the Couture and Jewel Snob just so i know what to wear with all those FABULOUS Bags πŸ™‚

  48. twice a day, about 3 times now that I’m on the other side of the world with hardly anything to do so i keep checking for updates!

  49. usually at night to wind down a stressful day at work. when i’m off i keep checking once in a while for new posts πŸ™‚

    happy birthday!!

  50. everytime things just got so stressful and boring, i visited the site just to bring back a little joy πŸ˜‰

    well…around once or twice each day

  51. Tina….it would be lovely to have some real fashionistas as your guest bloggers….I know this is probably quiet difficult but with your fashion contacts I sure you could pull some strings!

    I don’t like it when people set up there own business etc then once it has reached a certain success level take a back seat to the daily doing…I’m sure people visit this site ‘cos they like yourself and Kellys opinions and sort of feel like they know you so keep up your blogging we love it!!

    We would love extra posts…if you have time!!


  52. At least three times a day! Once in the morning (to start my day on a good note)then during the afternoon, and before going to bed.

  53. First of all, Happy Birthday Tina!

    To be completely honest, I do read the Bag Snob almost everyday. I know you don’t really post on weekends so I also take a little breather from your site then too! πŸ™‚

  54. wishing you an early happy birthday tina!!!

    i check your site at least twice a day! once in the morning and evening, respectively.

  55. At least 2-3 times a day. Always, always first thing in the morning when I turn on the computer at work and generally sometime after lunch. You girls are great!

    Ashley R, Dallas

  56. i think i happened upon your site about a year ago or so, and since then have literally checked it every morning. i come back in the afternoons to see if there’s another update – but i’m def hooked!

    also, happy birthday!! i hope you have fabulous plans for the big day πŸ™‚

  57. Happy Birthday! Only once a day on bad (busy) days and twice to thrice a day otherwise.

    Have a wonderful start to your new year!

  58. Twice a day…once in the morning before I actually start working, and once in the afternoon when I want to take a break from working.

  59. At least once a day. It’s rather exciting every time there’s a new entry and a picture of a bag that comes along with it.

  60. I’ve got your page bookmarked but had to move you from the toolbar to a less accessible folder – otherwise I’d get no work done at all! It’s 11 pm now UK time, having a last quick check before bedtime. My 13-year-old daughter caught me in the act – so much for my story of having to send some work e-mails. But we ended up enjoying some mother-daughter handbag bonding (we both love the Jimmy Choo black patent Lois – not a brand I usually like but this one’s an exception). Pity it’s such a long wait until the next 70% sales…

  61. It’s kind of a default action of mine to automatically nip onto here and the Topshop website to check for updates every time I log onto my laptop…

    Hardly practical when i’ve come to grow accustomed to when each site is going to be updates, and when I realise that you aren’t going to write a new post at 1am, just as Topshop isn’t going to add any more clothes…

  62. Oh, may I add a thankyou for making this competition open to international readers?

    It’s always very sad to see a beautiful bag up for grabs and having no hope of winning it- it made me very excited to read that I can enter for this one!!!

  63. a friend just recommended your site, so it’s my first time here! but because i’ve enjoyed reading it tremendously, you betcha i’ll be here everyday from now!

    happy birthday!

  64. Pretty much two or three times a day now that it is summer but when college rolls around again I check out the Bag Snob once a day.

  65. once or twice a week- it was more while I was working but I’m home on mat leave now with a baby and 3 year old- not quite as much time for drooling over bags!

  66. Hi..

    Hope you have a great Birthday Tina..I like to check your site 2-3 times a day..especially before bedtime so I can have sweet dreams of designer bags.:=)))

  67. Hi Tina, happy birthday in advance! Thanks for opening up this quiz to international readers! I visit your fabulous site daily (whilst at work, shhh… ;p)

  68. I am an international reader and visit your wonderful site twice to three times daily. I hope you have a very happy and wonderful birthday especially if you get one of your dream bags for a present.(hint hint Tina’s husband)!

  69. I live in India and every morning, right after logging on to my mail, I open this delicious website. Because of the time difference, it’s sufficiently updated when I click.

  70. I used to check at least twice a day. Sadly (for my bagsnob reading habits) I got a new job, and it keeps me so busy that I am lucky if I can check twice a week. I try very hard to keep up! Happy Birthday Tina.

  71. Definately at least twice a day–in the morning when I wake up and before I go to bed. All the other times in between is when I’m finished with other errands. I must be updated! Love this site!

  72. I would have to admit I check it at least once every few hours, especially If I have essays to do…..I need the distraction!

  73. once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night, since you guys update so often, and i neeeed to be updated with all the latest! (thanks so much!)

    its become part of my daily summer routine. =)

    happyyy birthday!

  74. Every day, with my morning cup of tea, and often twice a day (with my afternoon/evening cup of tea) : )

    I luuuuurve bags and love your commentary! Happy birthday!

  75. It depends on how my day is going, sometimes a couple of times per day. On an bad day I can’t keep track, looking at beautiful bags helps to relax me when everything else is blowing up!

  76. I read VERY often…you’re one of my bookmarks in my “Fashion link folder”, and I’m in that thing at least 3 times a day. LOVE πŸ™‚

  77. oh at least five times a day even thou you guys usually only put up two new posts a day. but it is just so addictive and one can never be sure if on a whim you put up more than two posts.

  78. At the very least, once a day. I am sooo scared I am going to miss a sale. Let’s just say, I have missed more than one beautiful bag at Barney’s and have learned a very important lesson.

  79. Honestly? I live on this site.. It’s the best as reguarding the bags.. All I know about the bags is thanks to this awesome webiste..=)

  80. To be honest, when I was home for the summer, I went on this site at least 3 times daily. Now that school has started up, I can barely go on three times a week!! But sleep deprived and all, I always come back!

  81. Two times a day, bookmarked, I feed my bag obsession vicariously through you and this site. I am always in the market for a new bag (I am, however my wallet is not, hence the daily visits here!) πŸ™‚

  82. Yay for Leo! I try to visit once a day, and if I’m researching bags or looking for a particular picture, I come again. πŸ˜€

  83. Daily, some times hourly, depending on whenever there is a new post. Bag Snob is an RSS feed on My Yahoo! page! Love you!

  84. I just found your site and I love it. I immediately added it to my yahoo homepage! I am so addicted to bags I already looked at your site twice today πŸ™‚

  85. At least two times a day every week. I spend a lot of time on my laptop and this site is bookmarked, plus I can count on updates to look at.

  86. It’s my first time visiting your site and it’s great! This definitely won’t be my last time here and I’ll probably be dropping by few times a week to check on your updates.. Thanks for the nice job done here.

  87. At least 3 times a day:

    1) right when I get to work with my coffee.

    2) during lunch.

    3) right before leaving work and shutting down. <3

  88. Daily usually. Or twice a day depending on how tide-up I am.

    Congratulations on your birthday. Hope you have as good a celebration as I had on my birthday last Saturday.

    p.s. If I don’t win this purse I might very well buy it. I’ve became a Gerard Darel addict because of you gals.

  89. on my days off, up to three times a day! during the week i may skip a day but always remember to check up shortly thereafter. happy birthday bebe!

  90. This is my very first visit to this blog, in fact I just clicked the link from Coquette’s blog, but being bag obsessed as I am, I guess I will be checking this blog in a 4-5 times a week basis.

  91. Every time Google says – new post, new post!

    But I love to reminisce with old articles and research handbag history! Thank you for the inspiration!

  92. depends…minimum of 3 times daily, i mean i need the morning fix (like a cup of joe) then i know there is a new post in the afternoon, and of course got to read all comments before bed. some days it gets a bit extreme…maybe 7 checks…HAHA. should i admit that?

  93. well when i didn’t have a job i was checking obsessively – like 5x a day. but now that i’m (finally) employed, it’s averaging 1-2 times a day. what can i say, i’m addicted to your site! πŸ˜›

  94. Hi Tina,

    Happy Birthday! I am sure you will have a great one. Please let us know what bag you buy to celebrate your birthday. Love!

  95. i log in twice or three times a week. i learnt about gerard darel from you and i’ve been loving it. i would love to win this gerard darel since there is no GD in malaysia. it would be perfect to carry a GD amidst all the LVs, Guccis and Pradas here

  96. Oh my God!!!!!!! I check Bag Snob twice a day!!!!!!!I have a friend that works at a Dior boutique and we LAUGH each time we talk about the bags and comments on Bag Snob!!!I LOVE IT!!! It is sooo much fun!!! I love the Snob or Slob voting. I’d like to see more!!!!!!!!!

  97. i check bagsnob twice a day during ma breaks!!…hafta say awsum reviews.helps me wit my own collection….happy bday from al ur fans in india!!

  98. It’s one of my regular blogs to check when I’m bored at work, so at least once a day I’m here looking at all the fabulous (and totally heinous) bags! I love it.

  99. I just discovered this blog today via The Cut. I’ve already been to it twice today, so i have a feeling that i’m going to be visiting this blog 2 to 3 times a day, just as often as I visit The Cut.

  100. everyday! i love your blog! and i agree that blake lively is carrying a bag waay too mature for her. happy birthday in advance!

  101. I’m new to the Bag Snob but it is a case of love at first site.

    I’ve visited about 4 times since I stumbled across the site 2 weeks ago.

    What a great resource!

  102. At least twice a day – the writing is so great, entertaining, and informative. I would love to see more informational pieces, such as, explaining the differences among the various types of leathers and finishes.

  103. In all honesty, it’s my first time visiting the site.

    I look forward to becoming a daily visitor and hope you had a fun birthday party!


  104. I visit at least daily when I’m catching up on the news….. first the Times, then Bagsnob. great with my morning coffee. πŸ™‚

  105. honestly i don’t like it as much when you have guest writers. maybe i’m just biased and think that you two ladies are the ones that know the best. if someone else makes a post i always want to know what your opinion is. thats the way i feel with the beautysnob and couturesnob also.

  106. I visit every time I get an email. Otherwise I couldn’t keep track of the blogs I read! Thanks for the great contest!