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Durga “Prima” Ostrich Clutch


I don’t know how these new designers are able to make exotic bags so affordable these days, is someone taking a pay cut or what? Well, I am not going to be overly concerned for them, I am just happy I can buy buy buy! Look at this luscious beauty – your classic envelope clutch in 2 of my favorite things, purple and ostrich!! It also comes in gray and latte, which is probably more functional but of course I had to show it in purple. I am glad the name Durga is subtlely inscribed on the clean and simple buckle. I like the medium size clutch, 7″ x 12″, almost big enough for my laptop but not so big that it will be a balancing act trying to carry it in your hand. This new designer is already the talk of the town in LA, these have been seen on many A-listers little hands! At Luxcouture for $925.



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  1. I’m off to order this baby for fall! I, too, was shocked at the price tag.

    FYI: Durga – Hindu goddess that kills your demons.

    Not wanting to overload on purple, how ever will I decide between the Lady Braid Bag or this?

    FYI: Durga – Hindu goddess that kills your demons. Perhaps, I should pray for a sign…

  2. pretty! i love that purple, and the price is certainly on the more reasonable side. i only wish it was a bit more structured at the bottom, so it didn’t resemble a pillowcase!

  3. Love this Kelly, do you have an Oistrich Birkin I am trying to decide what colour to go with…quiet tempted with a purple or should I get this in purple and a birkin in a more classic colour?! Oh the decisions of bag shopping! =)


  4. I’m not an exotics person, but I love the shape and colour. Do you know of any other places where I can find Durga products? Looks like something I’d like to watch.

  5. Lottie, You didnt ask for my opinion, but will give it to you anyway…

    I would go for the graphite ostrich birkin with palladium hardware….its one of my FAV!!!!


  6. wow, this can be a good sub for the BV purple ostrich clutch which is about 4x the price of this clutch. The closure is much more convenient too — easier to get in and out compared to the belt-like closure of the BV clutch.

  7. Thanks B….sorry I forgot about you!! Do you have an Ostrich Birkin? I so want a colour but think I will get more use out of a classic?! Or should I have a fun Ostrich and a sensible croc?! Oh Life can be stressful?!

    Hope your well B….any more bag purchases?!


  8. Hi Lottie, all is well here Thx!!

    I would totally go with a fun color ostrich.

    why not? orange is to die for, and one of my fav is graphite (grey)it depends on what you can get your hands on,really.

    I’ve bought a few bits here and there, nothing to brag about.

    On a diff note, this new reply button we have, if you use it, it seems like the reply goes right under the comment you are replying to.thats why you didnt see when I replied to you from the purple chanel post, I replied 3 times, So be aware if you reply it seems like you will have to go from the first post and read down to see if anyone replyed! hope all that made sense..

    Please Tina correct me if I’m wrong! =)

    (I’ve known to be wrong, once or twice)


  9. Ooooooohhhh! Purple AND Ostrich. Am I glad I passed on that Bottega Veneta Purple Ostrich clutch with a strip of croc leather for $4,600. This is so much more ‘worth it’!

    Beautiful find Kelly 😉