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Halston Bags

To say I am disappointed in Halston bags would be an understatement.  I don’t know why I had such high expectations but I guess I fell for the hype and it’s really my own fault but still, am disappointed.  When I hear Halston– images of glamourous girls in silky lightweight jersey gowns and flowing hair comes to mind.  I was hoping to see some rockin’ bags worthy of these girls; something with attitude, panache, style,,,, anything– but this saggy lump of a sack called the Zai ($2,495) and the Jimmy Choo knock off chain style bag called the Hannah ($1,895 is the same price for the Chanel Lady Braid in purple– I suggest you go for that instead!).  These bags are not terrible but they are not the sophisticated creations I have been hoping for (and all in suede?  Yuck!  I only like suede as accents on my bag, it just looks cheap when it is all suede!).  I mean if you are a casual college student or an intern at a fashion house I can see the messenger bag working but $2,495 for a no shape no style sack?  I have a dreary feeling about the revival of this brand… already besieged with rumors of strife and fighting (Rachel Zoe supposedly forced the departure of Creative Director Marco Zanini), I am wondering who’s collection will walk down the September runways (his?  Or Zoe’s interpretation?)  What do you guys think?  Are these bags worthy of the Halston name?

Halston Zai messenger bag

Halston Hannah bag



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  1. Hi Tina

    I had been hearing so many things about Halston…from the Studio 54 era and was so excited to see there handbag range so when in Harrods and saw the consession I went and had a peak they did have some different bags to the ones you had posted and in leather!

    I was shocked at the cost as like you say they are very basic, but I must say the leather was buttery soft! I think Zoe and Mellon have gotten carried away with the brand they have purchased at a very good price I hear!!


  2. I have never come across a Halston product. Lucky me! I can put my name under yours,Tina,on the comment you gave. These sacks really look sad and suede on bags is a tricky one-with one exception: the YSL croc embossed suede bag,that I have,shows no marks of use. Remarkable!

  3. ugh, i usually try not to say things like “they look like they came from walmart,” but… they look like they came from walmart :/

  4. If someone wants a stylish sack, I would buy the Jimmy Choo Saba bag like I did. At least that bag has some shape and style. This one I don’t get and would never buy!!

  5. My guess is that you think they’re ugly because they’re not loaded down with superfluous chains, buckles, locks, and made out of loud, tacky, textured fake-looking leather. And they don’t have DESIGNER LOGOS all over them. And people can’t tell how much they cost you.

    That being said, they are overpriced, and I’ll stick with my Halston originals.

  6. Have any of you who are complaining actually seen these bags in person? Like actually touched them & really looked at them inside & out? They are made of *amazing* quality skins & have subtle, unexpected gorgeous details that aren’t necessarily visible when you’re just looking at them online. They’re totally something to be appreciated by someone who really gets subtle luxury details.

    That said – yeah they’re overpriced, but so are airline tickets & a tank of gas right now… You think gas can rise to over $4.00 a tank but the price of a non-essential luxury item like a handbag won’t increase as well? get over it…