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Jimmy Choo Diane Fringe Tote


Heehaw! Or rather Eeee-Ewww! OK, I get it everyone is doing fringy bags, not sure why but I understand the need to hop on the bandwagon and get one on the shelves, but when you are copying the trend, why not one-up everyone by doing something better? Did they really have to come up with THE absolute worst of the trend? Why the double layer shag? Is it really suppose to look like bangs? And how is this for ridiculous – behind the bangs is a zipper compartment. Uh, I am annoyed just thinking about having to brush away those strips every time I zip and unzip. Maybe the bag comes with a ponytail holder. The overload of studs and grommets takes this from Rock n Roll chic to Hell’s Angel atrocity. I don’t even think Stella from Project Runway would find this appealing, leath-uh or not. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $1495.



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  1. I totally agree with you Kelly. The price of this bag is due to it being a `designer´bag. Hopefully the Hell´s Angels like it !

  2. Fringe does not look good on motorcycle saddle bags let alone a purse. I hate fringe on pants, overcoats, boots, dang they are a hot mess on a horse saddles. If fringe is the “trend”, count me out. It’s ugly and it sucks. Shame on you Jimmy Choo. Hey that rhymed.

  3. Fringes were best left on the Gatsby-esque flapper dresses in the West Egg. They do not belong in our time, on our accessories or about our world. Cowboys or not, fringes need to be banned faster than the Malboro ciggies.

  4. I had a fringey bag once. It had the look of a flapper dress and I would take it clubbing. It was satin and inexpensive, something like $100 or less, and it closed with a zipper. You’re right, Kelly, it was really annoying to brush the fringe out of the way before opening it.

    After about a 6 months of getting taken out about once a week (in my early twenties clubbing was a four or five time a week thing) the fringe got caught in the zipper (or on rings or bracelets) enough times that it started to get tears in it. It looked like my bag had come down with a case of sarcoptic mange. I recommend avoiding fringe bags, regardless of whether or not they’re from the fabulous Jimmy Choo.

  5. I think it’s just a gross looking bag and I had one kind of like it in the late seventies, when I first began carrying a bag at 13!

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