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Clutch Crazy!!!

Left: Celestina Mango Clutch Right: Stella McCartney Velvet Clutch

I am going clutch crazy lately! Here are several I am loving, the Eva Leather Clutch from the House of Choo, Stella McCartney’s art deco-esque velvet clutch and the Mango from Celestina. I love anything with a deco flavor and Stella’s vibrantly hued little lovely is not only stylish, it’s only $695! Celestina of course is always interesting if not that functional but sometimes you have to just go for the looks and forget the substance! The Stingray Mango clutch is perfectly structured and trimmed in natural daniela wood, it opens to a creamy ivory interior which is so sublime against the hot pink! I am also loving the Jimmy Choo Eva clutch, it’s a clever convertible clutch/top handle bag that opens big and wide so you can toss things in and go. I am a fan of the asymmetrical look which was shown all over the Fall runways but I’d do either an asymmetrical dress or the clutch because wearing head to toe in the season’s trend is just not a good idea.

Celestina Stingray Mango Clutch $1,365 at

Stella McCartney Velvet Clutch $695 at

Jimmy Choo clutch $1,170 at Net a Porter




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  1. The Celestina one is amazing. I’m so glad this brand is on I LOVE the Stella McCartney one. Stella has fallen short for me on many other things over the years (I think her best stuff was at Chloe) but this disco clutch is a better take on the Fendi clutches that seem to always be on sale at The first picture of the Jimmy Choo clutch looks like those countless bags from the eighties that you now find in Goodwill’s across the valley. I know because I’m there all the time digging for fabulous bags.

  2. omg tina, these clutchs are beautiful! i really like the jimmy choo.

    pjh – you’re a guy right? (yes, i remember from the chanel manbag post…lol). do you actually wear clutchs? i have been trying to find one for years that i feel comfortable wearing, but i’m scared. can guys really pull them off?

  3. james- yeah, i’m a guy. 🙂 i do actually wear clutches, although very few. whether i get away with it is a totally different matter! haha. while i stand by my position that a man should be able to wear any bag because, really, who the hell cares, i try to be aware of proportion, although it sometimes escapes me. i’m a large man, over six feet tall, over 250 pounds. i do have a large presence, so most of the time when i wear a clutch it’s just an extension of my personality, my assumed eccentricity. i do have a slight thing for clutches, and the favorite that i use is a derek lam clutch from a few seasons ago with two ram’s heads as a clasp. it’s leather and a very very pale violet. it’s pretty girly, but, i think i pull it off. although, i was harassed last time i wore it! so, it’s completely up to you. although, i would say, if you are scared of using a clutch but wanted to, i would go for strong shapes, and darker colors, say an exotic-skin envelop clutch, something that, if it were more bland, could be a document holder. i have a large-ish snake skin envelope clutch i got from a thrift store that is divine. did you see pictures of andre leon talley at the cfda awards? he has a long skinny clutch at the moment that is so small it could b a sunglasses case. do a search for those photos and see whether or not he pulls it off. so, ultimately, “where what you want and to hell with ’em” as diana vreeland once said, but be aware of the proportions and shapes of your clutches. see, when i use a clutch i always think i’m sjp in the last episodes (when she’s in paris) of sex and the city, pulling off a tiny white clutch with a jeweled clasp and a vintage lining. then, i catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror…

  4. thanks so much pjh! you have really inspired me. i can’t believe i looked at those pics of andre a gazillion times and never even noticed that he had a clutch. what can i say? i was distracted by the pink croc jacket! i’m definitely gonna get one…maybe the sang a python flash? i’ll let you know how it turns out!

  5. James– SANG A?–I LOVE HER!!! I own a couple of her clutch’s.(Jade)OK 3, but who’s counting.

    Although, We’ve never met in person, I’m SO thinking you can pull off her Flash clutch…

    (LOVE THEM!!) Thx, hope you dont mind me putting in my 2 cents… =)

    Ciao BELLO!!

  6. I am also clutch crazy, and I love the Jimmy Choo clutch. The others are funky and bright but I doubt I will spend the money on them.

  7. Love the Jimmy Choo clutch thinK they are doing it in an exotic too!?

    I agree with B, James…I think you seem like you have the personnality too pull off a gorgeous exotic clutch…do let us know how you feel with it?

    PJH….Love the SJP comment about feeling like her with your clutch in Paris…I think secretly every girls feels like that once in a while!!!!


  8. Thanks B and Lottie! I’m definitely gonna get it and let yall know how it works out! Sorry it took me so long to respond. My computer is down. Clearly I didn’t miss anything this week. Not impressed by any of the bags!