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Katie Holmes: Wife, Mother, Actress, Fashion designer?

holmesyang.jpgKatie Holmes has just added another name to her ever growing list of titles– fashion designer.  She is wearing one of the dresses she designed with stylist friend Jeanne Yang, the line is called Holmes Yang and is highly anticipated by fashion editors including yours truly.  I am intrigued by this endeavor and look forward to more from the line. 

Katie has really grown into her own since the days of Dawson’s Creek.  I love her sleek new hair cut and newfound confidence.  Notice the thrust of her chest and shoulders, this is one woman who knows she looks fabulous!  Clutch and shoes by Rogier Vivier.  (Photo courtesy of  



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  1. It seems nearly every celebrity that is hailed as a good dresser is coming out with their own fashion line! Do let us know if you get any sneakie peaks at her up and coming line!

    Also, I know you are not a fan of Victoria Beckham but I find her very intriuging when it comes to her fashion….is it ture she is doing a dress line? Is it in collabertion with RM like mentioned in the british press? I also heard that she is showing at NY fashion week but by appointment?! I know you’ll be at Fashion week so you will have to let me know what you hear about her stuff?!


  2. Actually, Lottie, I am not opposed to Victoria Beckham. I interviewed her for MTV 10 years ago and ran into her in NYC last year and she was quite friendly considering three young girls accosted her in the bathroom moments before. I am excited about her collaboration with RM (Roland is my absolute favorite right now!) and I bought a pair of DvB jeans last spring and they fit me quite well.

    I should show you the photos of me with the Spice girls, lol. I’ll post it on beauty snob tomorrow. xo

  3. VB is doing a line of dresses which she told wwd will be “high-end” retailing for $1200 plus and she is showing during fashion week but by appointment only:) Can’t wait to see her dresses either!

  4. I’ll look out for the picture, and am looking forwward to seeing her up and coming designs!

    I just thought you where not her greatest fan as I remember reading you thought she was killing the Birkin!! Sorry Tina my mistake!

    Do you consider she is very different in person now from her Spice Girl days?


  5. that dress KH is wearing is so unflattering! Seriously, why every famous woman has to have her own clothing line and perfumes? I would never ever buy those celebrity pefrumes-imagine if you smelled of Christina Aguilera and someone has asked you the name of the scent!