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Laguna Crocodile Tote Giveaway


UPDATE: Congratulations Karen C. of Kensington, CT! She is our lucky winner of the Laguna Croc!

We are extremely excited to be giving away a genuine crocodile bag from Laguna, a fabulous new designer of an all crocodile bag collection. And how appropriate that they are named Laguna, “of land and water”, which of course crocodiles are. I finally got to take a look at these bags in person and they are so incredibly fabulous, cute and chic! Crocs are no longer your grandmother’s vintage bag, far from it nowadays, but Laguna took it one step beyond by coming up with actual original shapes and designs. The Salto that we are giving away is the most interesting croc bag I have ever seen, there are so many dimensions, curves and pleats to it but not at all fussy. It is very clean and modern yet has a classic elegance that you always want your crocs to have. The tab closure is magnetic, fab of course, there are the must have phone and zip pockets on the inside. The woven strap is all croc which is the perfect balance with the minimal hardware. Not too much, not too little. I picked out the orange to give away because it is too stunning and amazing to pass up!! I know everyone wants to buy a brown or black croc but as a giveaway, I am going to make you feel as though you already have 10 crocs and is now venturing into the bold world of bright colorful exotics. How’s that for fabulous!

The Salto croc is worth $2300. To enter please sign up to receive our weekly newsletter. If you already receive our newsletter, you still need to enter. Please email me if you need help entering. One entry per person please. US residents only. Please enter by August 29th at 11:59pm EST.

Thank you LAGUNA for sponsoring this giveaway!




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  1. What a beautiful bag in a gorgeous colour! I imagine this bag will pick you up from any low mood. Pity I’m not a US resident 🙁

  2. Perhaps Kelly or Tina or anyone else can help me out here. Are there different qualities of crocodile and alligator? Is croc or alligator better? How can some croc bags cost 20 or 30K and others like nancy gonzales or this one cost 2 to 4K? Is it the quality of the skin? The name on the bag? The construction of the bag? Please help me to understand.

  3. Hi Manbag,

    I, too, had similar questions and found out that the difference in croc skin and alligator is merely the breed. One has a longer snout than the other and one is indigenious to the Americas (alligator missesipensis).

    As for the severe price difference between the above bag and the Hermes crocodile birkin– it is because Hermes has a standard of using only 10+ year old crocodiles for its mature and large scales.

    The one above and others similar to it are used with little baby crocs/alligators. It is easier and faster to farm a million little baby crocs than to wait for each to mature to 10 years old.

    Hope this answers your questions!


  4. Thank you Tina, your answer helped a lot. I feel more educated now. So in addition to the superior construction of the Hermes bag, some of the cost of raising and feeding a ten year old croc is probably also passed onto the consumer.

  5. This is the bag for me!! Just started to wear the color orange this spring and found it to be so flattering. It’s refreshing and stylish.

  6. manbag, tina – hermes would have to be feeding those crocs caviar and truffles to justify the upcoming price increases. i don’t think i’m ever gonna be able to afford an hermes bag, unless i don’t eat for 5 years!!! hmmmmmmmmmm??? 😉

    holly – ummmmmmmmmmmmm did you say that all your bags are from walmart?! i sincerely hope you win this giveaway! but if you don’t you may want to consider investing in a gryson, botkier, kooba, gustto, marc by marc, or cole haan?

  7. JAMES!!!! WAYLOLOLO!!!! I am SO laughing out LOUD right now…..lolo…(about the crocs) (I really needed a good laugh this AM…THX)

    Holly, YES Please NO MORE walmart bags..

    save your pennies and invest!!

    (not that there’s anything wrong with walmart)

    =) =)


  8. lol…i knew you would get a kick out of that b! but in all seriousness…i’m about to get a few more bags (10ish) and start saving like crazy. thanks to TINA i have an official hermes wish list!

  9. James–I’m still frickin cracking up I tell ya.

    lol…really am…

    10 bags?? (you sound like me) whatcha gettin??

    Happy SAVINGS!!! =)

  10. Here is my essay on why I should win this bag….

    I am a stay at home mother of 2 children (almost 4 & 5) who are very demanding. My husband is a full time student without a job. We live off of student loans. I wouldn’t, even in my wildest dreams, be able to make a purchase like this. That bag is absolutely AMAZING!!! I would electively remove a finger to own it! If you choose me, I will not yell at my children for the rest of my life

  11. Oh how I love and want this bag so bad…years of entering for the beautiful bags…can one just grace my wardrobe?

  12. OHMYGOSH! I love this bag! Such a devine color that’s perfect for the fast aproaching fall!!!

    Some girl..or guy is going to be super lucky!

    I’m not a US resident but i do have a mailbox in Oregon!

    -Please consider me as an applicant!

  13. Yet another example of my weakness for gorgeous bags! I’d love to add this to my collection. I love bags that I don’t see many people carrying around. I have a Gerard Darel and a Carolina Herrera. This would fit right in!