Nancy Gonzalez Flat Croc Clutch


I know you are going to laugh at my schizo-ness but I saw these clutches and all thoughts of black bags have vanished from my mind! What was I thinking? How can I give up such luscious juiciness– for widow black!?!?   One look at the skittle happy colors and I’m hooked back. Nancy Gonzalez is killing me with bag after fabulous bag and making me lose my mind, I have been emailing their office daily and driving them insane with my incessant questions– luckily Santiago Gonzalez (Nancy’s son) is a friend so they tolerate me over there.  Anywho, back to these lovelies, the flat croc clutches are oversized at 13.5″, not ginormous but not wimpy either. It’s just the right size to wear with, like, everything. Really, I mean it. What can’t you wear with one of these babies? I can’t think of single thing. I want it in green, fuschia, and purple. Okay, I want them all. What can I say, a greedy heart is hard to satiate so why even try? Nancy Gonzalez croc clutches $2,300 at

14 thoughts on “Nancy Gonzalez Flat Croc Clutch

  1. T~~These are YUUUUMMMMMY!!! I think I need one too. I like them ALL!! but I have a couple of plum/purple color’s already I’m thinking green!! =)


  2. Now, this is what a clutch should look like. Exquisite in structure, elegance in colour, and the epitome of timeless style. The two shades of purple are simply regal.

    I’ve never dabbled in croc as of yet. What is the life span of such a clutch? I would guess they are lifers, since the material seems so tenable, scratch resistant, and sturdy?

  3. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    Hi DK! The lifespan will reach beyond yours! Croc skin is soooo sturdy. I have crocs from the 50′s and 60′s– the skin is perfect!

  4. Love these. The plum one has my name on it. The fuschia is not my usual color, but it’s just lovely..


  5. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    Julie, I am in lust for the fuschia for some reason. It’s not something I would get in a large bag but in a clutch it works and will add so much drama to my LBD!


  6. Useful little numbers for smart evening outings but with their price tag.?..not sure

  7. Amazing bag! Suede lining and workmanship are sheer perfection. It does go with everything in my closet. More amazing is the fact that I bought the purple one at NeimanMarcus in San Francisco in June BEFORE Bag Snob Tina made us lust and drool for it!

  8. That’s how I feel. My SA at Neiman’s thinks I am losing my mind..I can just see myself with this little clutch at all the fall/winter parties.


  9. oh YES please! purple and green! loves.

  10. Woweee, these ARE pretty! I likeee, it adds the perfect punch of color to any outfit!

  11. I have never ventured in to the clutch area, but I would totally switch over for the green one. I have always loved croc skin and snake skin, and these are just awesome!

  12. My heart is breaking! These were my wedding colors so I feel compelled to get all three but at $2,300 each? Boohoohoo!!!

    Just when I succumbed to increasing my ‘obscene bag fund’ to $1,800 they come up with $2,300? Gone are the days when a Chanel bag was scandalously priced at $1,500. Sigh…

    Just the fuschia then as i already have enough greens and plums.

  13. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    kinny- comfort yourself that this is crocodile– which would cost over $6,000 for a small clutch if from another designer.

    Let us know what you choose!

  14. I can’t get enough of purple this season! This purple clutch is amazing.

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