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Pierre Hardy Man Tote


One of our faithful readers, Sam, emailed us to share his most recent obsessive purchase. He knew our love of Pierre Hardy so he was pandering a bit but who cares, I agree he got himself a bag that makes men and women alike salivate so I had to pass it along. I am trusting Sam’s judgement that this bag looks better in person because it is slouchier and not so structured but I don’t have to totally rely on him because I know Pierre leather is always buttery soft. For women, sure this is not the most sexy or overwhelming bag but as a lap top / work bag – what could be more sultry? And for men, whenever you choose, it would be the same. Not that I am in the working mood being that I am on Martha’s Vineyard but I am going to get this bag for the new Mac Air that I really really want to get. I am sick of having to take 2 bags with me when I have my MacBook with me and if I am schlelpping around town with a computer, I am in serious work mode and as far as work bags go, this is the most slick and stylish you can get. My guy friends around me unanimously voiced their dissent for this bag but I totally disagree – this bag has the right man waiting for it to pick it up and give it some love. Available for $1300 at the Pierre Hardy boutique in Paris or Barneys New York, check the closet one to you to see if they have it.



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  1. i’m a female and would definitely carry it, but i’ve been going through a masculine-inspired fashion kick. this looks unisex enough that no one would think twice either way.

  2. I’d have to agree with your guy friends, kelly – this is just way too boring. But like I’ve said before on here, I don’t understand why people talk about “work” bags – just use whatever bag you want and go to work!!! Turn some heads I say!!!

  3. my man would use it, on days he’s not in a suit 🙂 then again, he’s a fashionista in his own right (an anal retentive with suits and cuff links, sigh)

  4. My hubby would be all over it but I can’t let him buy it, there are too many things for me that i need. =) Wait in line suckah.

  5. A little on the dull side but I’m sure the quality is incredible. Not so sure on the whole “work bag” concept either but this could be used for multiple purposes.