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Tod’s Iris Grande


My love of Tod’s know no bounds – it is not because they are the most stylish bags out there but that’s why I never think twice about getting a Tod’s, they are not the uber trend bags so they will endure. Tod’s is always put together, practical and the quality has no competition in its price range. This is a bit off the map for Tod’s (but not by much) with the top stitching detail and leather wrapped handles so it is a bit younger and definitely a lot more hip, especially in this taupey / grey that I love so much for Fall. Everyone is getting into a younger market these days, and who can blame Tod’s, they are your mother’s practical tote, right? I am not totally in love with the direction their bags have been going in but still, every season I am able find that one I love and use and use and use until it is seriously a mess. But I take it in for a cleaning and it comes back to me perfect and ready to go again. It also comes in a very soft pretty blue, but it is this taupey / grey that has caught my eye! At eluxury for $1675.



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  1. I´ll pass this one,but how on earth do you get your bags messed up? I have understood that you have quite a `few´bags. Do you change bags many times a day? Just curious.

  2. WGS—it does look a bit kooba-ish. However, I really like this bag. the stitching I love, the color, the size, its def a good everyday bag.

  3. i agree that it is a good everyday bag. i want to add that for tod’s i wouldn’t fork over $1600 for a kooba-like bag. i’d go get a kooba if i wanted something like this, for half the price.

  4. Sorry I have seen this design a million times before. I am sure the quality of leather is superb but the style looks too familiar. Not one for my website.

  5. I have loved Tod’s for awhile- the shoes are so comfy and their bags are lovely. I think Derek Lam has added a lot by introducing new colors/skin/etc. but man, the prices have skyrocketed as of late and some of the designs are off. Still a great company though.

  6. I have to agree that I don’t really like the direction that Tod’s is going to. Specially this season! They made the logos of their bags in gold, so it would stand out more. And the messenger bags have strips of leather with hot-stamped “Tod’s” all over it. And yeah, some of the designs are off. Tod’s for me is about being simple, elegant and discreet. I hope they return to what they do best.

    And yeah, I’ve noticed some crazy mark-ups on their bags. I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a bag to beat the increases. Although in Europe, prices for everything (shipping, raw materials, etc) are increasing literally every month that I don’t think they really have a choice.

    But the quality can’t be beat at those prices. The worksmanship is suberb, and that’s why I love them.

  7. Kelly, why oh why?

    Usually Kelly, I like the bags that you select, because Tina’s choices are a little too flashy in my opinion, but this is not good.

    This bag looks so cheap. Its unoriginal in design, and is flat out ugly.

    I have not been crazy about Tod’s lately, but maybe its like that moment in ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS when Patsy asks Eddie what shes wearing in obvious disgust, and when Eddie tells her that is a Lacorix, Patsy replies with “oh its fabulous” and a less distracted facial expression.

    Oh well. Better luck next time.

    I hop you wouldn’t or didn’t waste money on this high end, wal-mart looking hobo’s hobo.

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